Review Game: Singing Bee

Singing Bee game and directions for teaching alongside When I Am Baptized song for Singing time lesson plans for primary choristers / music leaders. #LDS #Primary #MusicLeaders #PrimaryChorister #SingingTime

I’m planning this activity early in the year with my Senior Primary, as a fun Singing Bee game / quiz to see just how well the Senior Primary knows and remembers When I Am Baptized. I may or may not … Read now

When I Am Baptized Ribbon Wands

When I Am Baptized Ribbon Wands Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders when I am baptized ribbon wands

The kids will love tying in colorful ribbon wands while teaching When I Am Baptized with this fun game and activity! I’ve created two different ribbon wand patterns – a simple pattern for Junior Primary and a challenge pattern for … Read now

When I Am Baptized Flip Chart & Lyrics

When I Am Baptized art flip chart printable

When I Am Baptized was a program song last year, too, so chances are your Primary already knows the song pretty well. Still, it’s a really fun song that the kids like – even if they always call it, “I … Read now

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