Keep the Commandments – Sway and Freeze

Keep the Commandments Sway & Freeze

One fun game I have planned for this month while teaching Keep the Commandments is a child-led Sway and Freeze game! Since the song, Keep the Commandments, is all about following the commandments we’ll play up that theme with putting …

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Keep the Commandments – Color the Commandments

Keep the Commandments Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for something fun and meaningful to do with your Junior Primary while you try one of the challenging activities (like this First Letters game) in Senior, look no further! I’ll be teaching Keep the Commandments one week …

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Keep the Commandments – Foreign Languages

Keep the commandments in foreign languages

My Primary kids LOVE trying different languages. They’re all over the Hello Song and, quite honestly, do a much better job at translation that I even do! It’s really fun to hear their excitement over a different language so I …

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Keep the Commandments – First Letters

Today’s fun and easy no-prep activity will have the kids noticing the differences and similarities in the repeating phrases of Keep the Commandments! It uses just the first letters of each word of the song for a fun, and unique, …

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Singing Time Monthly Plan – May 2019

It’s halfway through the “year” now for learning your program songs. How is your Primary doing? We’re still chugging along at a great pace. I think for my Primary they know 9 out of our 10 program songs good/great depending …

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Keep the Commandments – Flip Chart & Lyrics

Keep the Commandments is great as a reverence song! Use this song for your opening or closing song, or to settle the kids, using this helpful printable flip chart! Keep the Commandments Lyrics Verse 1: Keep the commandments! Keep the …

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