8 Singing Time Ideas: When I Am Baptized

This song was part of last year’s outline, as well, which means you should be able to breeze through reviewing this song – with a little bit of practice for the Junior Primary. I have lots of fun ideas to …

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When I Am Baptized – Nature Symbols

When I Am Baptized Nature symbolism lesson plan for Primary Singing Time choristers / music leaders!

One way I’ll be teaching When I Am Baptized is by bringing in some symbols from nature (and from the song lyrics) to show and explain how the first and 2nd verses of this song tie together. We’ll use these …

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When I Am Baptized – Baptism Stories

When I am Baptized - Baptism Stories

I love including the Primary kids and their experiences in Singing Time, when it’s a good fit. It’s a great way to start teaching the kids how to share their testimonies in everyday ways. So, when teaching When I Am …

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When I Am Baptized – Rhythm Sticks

when I am baptized rhythm sticks

Today, I’ve got a fun rhythm sticks activity for reviewing When I Am Baptized. With this song being one the kids know from the year before, it lets us have a lot of fun playing games and reviewing the message …

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When I Am Baptized – Paper Plates

when I am baptized plates

Pull out your paper plates, a fun and inexpensive instrument option, and have some fun with this When I Am Baptized activity! This activity works great for both Junior and Senior Primary! Affiliate links are included in this post.    …

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When I Am Baptized – Comic Strip

when I am baptized comic strip

This activity is one your Senior Boys will be able to get behind, but also works great for all the rest of the kids in Primary! Let the kids help draw a Comic Strip of When I Am Baptized Primary …

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When I Am Baptized – Hand Clap Patterns

when I am baptized hand clap pattern

We’re drilling in the beat for this song with an engaging hand clap pattern while singing When I Am Baptized. With two different patterns prepared for Junior and Senior aged Primary groups, your kids will be ready to join in …

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April Singing Time Lesson Plans

I’m so thrilled that it’s almost spring – bring on April! I’m so ready to have my focus song for the month be An Angel Came to Joseph Smith, my choice song for April! I’ll also be using two other …

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Review Game: Singing Bee

I’m planning this activity early in the year with my Senior Primary, as a fun Singing Bee game / quiz to see just how well the Senior Primary knows and remembers When I Am Baptized. I may or may not …

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