How Many Primary Songs Should I Teach?

How Many Primary Songs should I teach? You'll love this DEEP dive into the most commonly asked questions from Primary Music Leaders such as how many songs they typically teach on a typical Sunday, if they sing transition or extra songs, how many verses to teach, and if they teach special songs! The answers are results from a survey with stats that are SO fascinating!

I conducted a fun and thorough Primary Survey with 17 FAQ’s and common questions about a year ago. The post was JAM-PACKED with information. But, I think it was a little too much for one post and hard to share … Read now

Music Practice Tracker & Rewards Chart Printable

My Printable Music Tracker Sheet and piano log with rewards chart to mark progress towards a goal!

Are you looking for a way to help encourage the children to practice and sing your Primary songs leading up to the Primary Program? This cute Music Practice Tracker and rewards chart can help encourage spending more time with music … Read now

Nursery Singing Time Ideas & Cards

Nursery Singing Time Song Cards - make singing time for your nursery kiddos a breeze with these adorable song selection cards! Plus, a printable schedule with 2 monthly rotatable schedules to get through a variety of songs while keeping consistency.

Nursery Singing Time can be so much fun! Using a few simple props makes singing time a blast with the littlest members of the ward. It will take a few weeks to help the kids learn the expectations (handing back … Read now

New Testament Reading Chart Bookmark

LDS New Testament Reading Chart Printable PDF

Do you have a goal to read the entire New Testament this year? This New Testament Reading Chart (and bookmark!) will help!! I read this fantastic article on how long it takes to read the Bible, and specifically the New … Read now

Primary Getting to Know You Survey for Kids

Getting to Know You Printable Survey - Fun questionnaire for LDS Primary Music Leaders or Come Follow Me for Primary Sunday School teachers! Includes a section for them to fill-in their favorites and then a section to pick which they prefer in a would you rather game! Easy ideas to use this in singing time as well.

Are you a new Primary Music Leader? Or want to get to know each other after ward boundaries are adjusted? You’ll love this adorable Getting to Know You Survey! It was designed with Primary aged children in mind, and would … Read now

Ideas for Singing Time Without a Pianist

Ideas for an easy Singing Time without a Pianist! Have you ever had a last minute cancellation from your pianist and wondered what to do? Here are 6 easy ideas to help you have a wonderful singing time, even without the help of a piano accompaniment.

Have you ever had to run your Singing Time without a Pianist? Whether it’s for a select Sunday or two during the year or if you go without a piano most weeks, you’ll love some of these ideas here to … Read now

Learn & Grow Flower New Year Idea

Cute New Years Learn & Grow Flower activity printable introduction activity for Come Follow Me New Testament Songs for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Introduce all your songs for Come Follow Me New Testament with this cute Primary New Year Idea: Learn & Grow activity! It’s so fun to see your primary children progress throughout the year and learn new songs! Each of the … Read now

Primary New Years Activity: New Years Goals

Fun Primary New Years Goals activity with printable posters for singing time new years goals for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching Come Follow Me New Testament.

I am so excited to start a new year in primary! I love studying the New Testament and I am excited to help the children learn more about Jesus Christ in singing time. I have been thinking about a meaningful … Read now

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