Build a Pencil Song Scramble Review Game

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You can review any Primary songs you may be working on with this fun, easy, Back to School themed activity! In this Build a Pencil Song Scramble review game you’ll prepare pencil pieces and let the kids build a pencil and get the song titles back in order. It’s fun and easy while adding a theme that doesn’t take away from singing time.

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Build a Pencil Primary Song Review Game for Singing Time or Primary Program review

Build a Pencil Song Scramble

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How to Play:

Write out your song titles with one letter or one word per yellow pencil section. If more than 3 words, you’ll want to assemble your own pencils below – they can be as long as needed!

Put your cut up pencil pieces into individual envelopes and number them. Create a matching numbered song list for your pianist.

Build a Pencil Primary Song Review Game for Singing Time or Primary Program review

Let the kids pick any envelope (or go in order if you prefer). Then, they’ll open it up and rearrange all the pieces to figure out which song to sing! You can use that tacky blue putty to easily put them up on the board and rearrange as needed.

To make the pieces reusable year after year, laminate your pieces, use a wet erase marker so the letters don’t smudge off, and add a magnet to the back.

When they’ve reassembled the song title then sing the song together!

Build a Pencil Primary Song Review Game for Singing Time or Primary Program review

Extension Activities:

  • Write on fun ways to sing on the back of the erasers which they’ll randomly select and match to their pencil!
  • Hand out real pencils and have the kids write their favorite song titles! One letter or one word per yellow square. Then, work your way through their songs (or as many as you can get through!
  • Let the kids use a pencil to “lead” the music.
Build a Pencil Primary Song Review Game for Singing Time or Primary Program review
  • To continue the pencil theme, have the children draw in the air while holding a real pencil (or use their fingers) the songs! They can just draw shapes, what they hear from the lyrics, or follow the rise and peaks of the notes!
  • Create a variety of letters or word titles from the yellow pencil boxes. Make sure you have enough duplicate letters to make your preferred song titles. Then, scramble all the random letter titles all over the board. Have the pianist play the notes of the song and have someone guess what it is, and then find letters to spell out the song!
Build a Pencil Primary Song Review Game for Singing Time or Primary Program review

Junior Primary Adaptations:

  • You can make it simpler by just doing the song titles.
  • Or, even more simple – just have prepared pencils and let them pick one!
  • Include the pencil tip and eraser with one of your letters or words to help give them a place to start unscrambling.
  • You can also have them add on the eraser only with the fun way to sing.
Primary Song Scramble review game for LDS Primary music leaders

This activity is a fun themed spin-off our Primary Song Scramble Review Game. It’s a fun ready-to-go activity with a word and letter scramble option!

Build a Pencil Song Scramble
Printable Singing Time Review Game

This printable will let you use ANY song you’re working on with ease! Just print out the pencil size of your choice and then fill in a letter in each of the pencil spaces. Cut out all the pieces and you’re ready to go! Choose from color or black and white color-in printables.

There’s also a one-page overview with how to use this activity in singing time and fun ideas to adapt the activity to best fit your Primary!

Build a Pencil Primary Song Review Game for Singing Time or Primary Program review

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What other fun ways could you extend this Build a Pencil Song Scramble activity?

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