40+ Father’s Day Primary Songs

40 Father's Day Primary Songs

We’re on to the next holiday, and here I’ve compiled a big huge list of 40 Father’s Day Primary songs you can teach in Singing Time! Father’s day is such a fun occasion to spoil the men in the ward. … Read now

40+ Mother’s Day Primary Songs

40+ Mother's Day Primary Songs Easy ideas for Music Leaders sq Primary Songs for Mothers Day

Do you like to teach Mother’s Day Primary Songs? Whether the kids are asked to sing in Sacrament meeting or not, I like to spend a little time with a Mother’s Day song, even if it’s just for a small … Read now

30+ St Patrick’s Day Singing Time Ideas

30+ St Patrick's Day Singing Time Ideas Easy ideas for Music Leaders sq St Patricks Day Singing Time Ideas

If you love celebrating the holidays with your Primary children, this post is perfect for you! I’ve compiled my favorite St Patrick’s Day Singing Time Ideas into one post so they are easy to find and implement. Some of the … Read now

75+ Easter Primary Songs for Singing Time

75 LDS Easter Primary Songs list in this massive collection that lists all our favorite songs to teach in Primary Singing Time

I read through all the forum posts and scoured the songbooks and web to bring together all the best Easter Primary Songs for Singing Time! If you’re wondering what songs to include or to focus on teaching in Primary for … Read now

45 St Patrick’s Day Primary Songs

45 St Patrick's Day Primary Songs Easy ideas for Music Leaders Primary Songs for St Patricks Day 2

If you love including the holidays in your Primary Singing Time lessons, then this post is for you! This list of St Patrick’s Day Primary Songs can help you come up with ideas for the perfect songs to include for … Read now

8 Amad a otros Ideas tiempo de cantar

Puedes explorar muchas ideas variadas y divertidas para enseñar esta dulce canción en el tiempo de cantar. Desde una espiritual historia cantada hasta tener movimiento con varitas de listón. Para los líderes de música de la Primaria el tiempo para cantar. SUD

Si está enseñando Amad a otros este año a tus niños de Primaria en el tiempo de cantar, ¡has venido al lugar correcto! ¡Hemos trabajado muy duro para crear y compartir estas ideas para la hora de cantar de Amad … Read now

Valentine’s Day Primary Songs About LOVE!

More than 60 Primary Songs about Love! If you're looking for Valentine's Day Primary songs for your upcoming Singing Time lessons, this list is a gem to help you pick your song list! Includes Vday lists by Come Follow Me year as well, to help Primary music leaders.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to incorporate into your Primary Singing Time planning! So many of these Valentine’s Day Primary songs talk about love and loving others and feelings of the heart. To make it easier to incorporate the … Read now

9 Dios vive Ideas tiempo de cantar

Hemos abarcado excelentes formas de aprender, como con problemas numéricos, descifrar el código, experimentos científicos interesantes sobre las funciones de la vida, un rompecabezas de puntos de colores brillantes y muchos más planes divertidos. Para los líderes de música de la Primaria el tiempo para cantar. SUD

¡Sumérgete profundamente en esta breve pero dulce y significativa canción de la Primaria con estas ideas para el tiempo de cantar Dios vive! ¡Me encanta cómo esta canción refuerza el enfoque evangélico de representar a nuestro Padre (y Cristo) como … Read now

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