Fathers Be My Mirror Movement Activity

This Be My Mirror movement activity is such a fun way to review Fathers this month in primary! Your primary children will love following your every move and mirroring your actions as you sing this Father’s Day song!

This activity is a fun spin-off of the old saying: “Like Father Like Son.” Have some fun with this Fathers Be My Mirror movement activity as you prepare for Father’s Day this year!

Fathers Be My Mirror Movement Activity Easy ideas for Music Leaders Fathers Be My Mirror Primary Song

There’s a secret that all primary leaders know: Embarrassing yourself just a little bit can go a long way. When children laugh with you, you are earning their trust and building a bond as their teacher.

That’s why I love fun, silly ideas like this Be My Mirror activity! For this activity, you’ll have to get a bit creative and think of some silly actions to do in primary. As the primary children mirror your action, you’ll have them smiling and singing as they learn this Father’s Day song.

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Fathers Be My Mirror Movement Activity

This movement activity is pretty simple. Before primary, think of some simple actions that kids can easily follow. As you review Fathers, perform these fun actions and have the kids see how well they can mirror you!

When thinking about some actions that can go well with this activity, I started with some easy actions. Then, I came up with just a few actions that might be more challenging to mirror. Here’s what I came up with:

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Fun Actions for ‘Be My Mirror’:

  • Wave your arms
  • Clap your hands
  • Stomp one foot at a time, then together
  • Raise your hands up high in the air
  • Pat your head and rub your tummy
  • Do Jumping jacks
  • Do some “boxer” punches
  • Pretend you have a lightsaber
  • Wrap yourself in a hug
  • Do a pushup
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Don’t limit your imagination to these 10 actions! There are so many fun and silly actions that can work great for this activity. You might even have the kids come up with a list of some actions together on the whiteboard!

Once you’ve gone over the words of the verse, invite the kids to play “Be My Mirror.” Explain that their job is to mimic your every action. Before adding music, try out some easy actions to practice. Then, once they feel confident being your mirror, add the music!

How to Play:

  1. Begin by reviewing all 3 verses of Fathers with this flip chart.
  2. Then, explain to the children that you’ll be playing “Be My Mirror.”
  3. Practice acting out a few simple actions (waving your arm, tapping your knees). Invite the children to mirror your actions.
  4. Add in the music! Start singing and acting out some simple or silly actions. Have children mirror your actions as you sing.
  5. After practicing with one verse, start a new verse and choose some new actions.
  6. Choose a child to come up and lead. The children will then mirror their actions while everyone sings.
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These instructions are just the basis for this activity! There are many ways to adapt or kick this activity up a notch. You can make it a competition between classes or have kids come up to be the leader. Check out some of our fun extension ideas below!

3 Additional Ways to Play:

  • Write out Actions: Write simple actions on strips of paper. While you sing, choose an action from a jar and have everyone perform the action until you choose a new one. You get to choose how long they have to perform the action!
  • Have two leaders: Have one leader on each side of the room perform a simple action. Have each side mirror their leader! (This one is most fun when you choose two different actions!)
  • Partner Mirrors: For this adaptation have each child choose a partner. While you sing, have each partnership take turns being the leader and the mirror. There will be many fun actions happening all at once, so you might want to space out a bit.

Fathers Be My Mirror Movement Activity Printable Lesson Plan

I’ve created a short printable lesson plan to help you prepare this Be My Mirror movement activity. The first page provides instructions for the activity and 3 extension ideas. Print out this page to help you prepare or download and save for later.

The second page of this printable includes a list of 16 actions to use for this activity. They are spaced out so that you can print and cut out the actions if you want. This makes it easier to come up with actions if you are running short on ideas!

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What actions will you be using for this fun activity?

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