Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet

What better way to introduce Follow the Prophet than to bring the Prophets in themselves? This fun Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet is a great way to introduce this song and bring the Spirit into primary.

Introduce the prophets with this easy way to teach Follow the Prophet Guest Prophets scripts printable lesson plan for Singing Time and Primary Music Leaders.

I love bringing the primary songs to life. I also enjoy bringing guests into primary when I can. Primary kiddos especially love when I invite the Bishop or missionaries to visit primary.

Follow the Prophet – Guest Prophet

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This activity can be very simple and very effective in bringing this song to life in primary. It does require some prep work, so you might want to start a week or two ahead.

In preparation for this activity, I went to the church’s website to refresh on some of the stories of the Old Testament Prophets. Then, I used the stories to create a script for a few of the prophets.

Invite a member of the ward to come in and introduce themselves as the character using the script I’ve created. For some extra fun, you might encourage your guests to dress up as the prophet or bring in some items that might represent that prophet.

Introduce the prophets with this easy way to teach Follow the Prophet Guest Prophets scripts printable lesson plan for Singing Time and Primary Music Leaders.

The three “guests” I’ll be bringing in to my primary are Adam, Noah, and Enoch. These are some of the prophets we’ve been learning about in Come Follow Me, so those are the ones I will introduce. If you teach this song later in the year and want to invite some additional guests, feel free!

I have included a full printable lesson plan with scripts for each character. Here are some shortened examples of scripts I’ve created:


My name is Adam. I was the first man on earth and helped Jesus create the earth. When I came to earth, I was in the Garden of Eden, which was a beautiful place. My wife, Eve, and I were given two commandments. The first commandment was to multiply and replenish the earth by having a family.

The second commandment we were given was to never partake of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. After partaking of the fruit, Eve and I were cast out of the garden and entered earth as mortal beings.


When I was the Prophet, the earth was a very wicked place. Heavenly Father commanded me to preach repentance to the people. Through revelation from God, I told the people that if they did not repent, God would send a flood to cover the entire earth. I pleaded with the people to repent, but they would not listen. God commanded me to build an ark to protect my family when the floods came. I was instructed to take my family and two of every animal with me on the ark.

Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet Scripts printable lesson plan for Primary

These are just two short examples of scripts that you can use for this activity. For the full scripts, keep scrolling to the end of this post.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Invite 3 members of your ward (Bishop, counselors, missionaries) to come to primary and introduce themselves as one of the Prophets of the Old Testament.
  2. At the beginning of primary, allow each individual to introduce themselves. Have each guest share how they furthered the work of the Lord on the earth.
  3. After introducing each member, begin learning Follow the Prophet (Follow the Prophet flipchart here!) specifically focusing on the verses for the guests you “met” in primary.
  4. You could also have each visitor hold the flipchart pages for their verse to help the children become familiar with the prophets.
Teach Follow the Prophet Guest Prophets scripts printable lesson plan for Singing Time and Primary Music Leaders.

Extension Ideas:

  • Have each of your visitors sing their verse! There are probably some wonderful male musical talent in your ward that would love to help!
  • Have the primary children guess who each visitor is! Instead of having each person introduce themselves as “I am Adam,” use the description without using the name.
  • If you are using this as a review activity, allow children to get in groups with one of the visitors. Act out their scene while singing their verse.
  • Bring in items that symbolize each prophet to pass around while you sing. When you stop singing, have the children guess which prophet the item matches.
  • You can also use these fun scripts in your Come Follow Me Primary lessons!
Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet Easy ideas for Music Leaders Nativity Song Skit 1

You’ll be able to download our Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet scripts below. But before you leave, I wanted to share another fun activity using mini skits in Primary singing time! See our The Nativity Song Christmas Skits singing time idea.

Follow the Prophet – Guest Prophet
Lesson Plan & Scripts

To help make this activity a little easier for you, I’ve created this (number) page lesson plan for Follow the Prophet – Guest Prophet that includes instructions for the activity and extension ideas, as well as full scripts for each guest.

The second page of this lesson plan is a full script for each guest you bring to primary. Simply print out this script and cut out strips for each guest or download and save it for later!

Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet

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Follow the Prophet Guest Prophet Easy ideas for Music Leaders Follow the Prophet License Plates

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