I Feel My Savior’s Love Partner Arm Swings

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For a fun way to review I Feel My Savior’s Love this month, try out this simple I Feel My Savior’s Love Partner Arm Swings activity! Have each child find a partner and have some fun with this people interactions activity!

Some children learn best when they are interacting with others and working as a team. This activity provides just that! With just 4 simple actions, you’ll be able to review this beautiful primary song and help form friendships within your primary!

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I Feel My Savior's Love Partner Arm Swings Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders I Feel My Saviors Love Partner Arm Swings

How to Play:

  1. At the beginning of primary, start by reviewing each verse of I Feel My Savior’s Love (or whichever verses you plan to teach).
  2. Then, explain that you’ll be adding some fun actions to the song! The only catch, you’ll have to find a partner!
  3. Have each child choose a partner (there are lots of fun ways to choose partners!)
  4. Teach the children the 5 main actions and have them practice the actions with their partner before singing.
  5. Add in the music! Have the children see if they can sing the song while performing all the actions with their partner.
  6. Continue singing the song and having partners do the actions together. You might even have them come up with their own actions!

Are you ready for the 4 actions I’ll be using for this activity? I broke down each phrase of the song and chose 5 actions that can easily be done in partnerships. Some of the actions are repeated throughout the verse and some just come up once!

Sway Back and Forth: This is probably the simplest action out of them all! For this one, just have the children stand across from each other and hold hands. With hands clasped, have each child sway their arms back and forth slowly.

*Use this action for the phrase “I Feel My Savior’s Love” at the beginning of the song and then again on “His Spirit warms my soul.”*

I Feel My Savior's Love Partner Arm Swings Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 6918

Big Circle: For this action, have each partnership clasp hands and raise their arms to make a large circle.

*Use this action for the phrase, “In all the world around me” and again for “Through everything I see.”*

March in Place: This is the only action where children don’t need to be holding hands with their partner. For this action, have partnerships stand next to each other and march in place.

*Use this action while you sing the phrase, “He knows I will follow Him, give all my Life to Him.”

Half-Circle Step: This action is the most challenging of the actions for this activity. For this one, start with each partnership clasping hands. Have the children bring one hand up in a half-circle while taking a step to the side.

Then, have the children step back to the middle and bring the opposite hand into a half circle with the step. This action is pretty slow, so no need to rush!

*Use this phrase for the last two verses of the song: “I Feel my Savior’s Love, the love He freely gives me.”*

This pattern can very easily be adapted for the second and third verses as well. However, you may want to swap out an action to better fit the words. For example, instead of making the half-circle on the second verse, have each child bring their hands together as if they are praying.

I Feel My Savior's Love Partner Arm Swings Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 6913
I Feel My Savior's Love Partner Arm Swings Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Away in a Manger 5 600x900 1

For another example of a partner arm swing activity, check out this Away in a Manger Arm Swings activity!

FUN Ways to Choose Partners:

There are lots of fun ways to choose partners if you want to avoid having children getting left out. This list actually comes from a previous post for Away in a Manger, but I thought I’d share it again!

  • Have a big hat with all the names of the primary children. Pick the names out beforehand and write the partnerships on the board.
  • Have the primary split into groups based on birthday months. Have each child choose a partner who shares a birthday month with them. If there are children who have no one else in their birthday month, pair them with someone else who doesn’t share a birthday month.
  • Teacher’s Choice! Let each teacher pair children with someone else from their class.
  • If you do Senior and Junior primary together, have the Senior primary children choose a partner from Junior primary!
I Feel My Savior's Love Partner Arm Swings Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 6914

Extension Ideas:

  • Host a mini primary talent show! Have each partnership prepare a set of actions to go with a few lines of the song. Have them perform their actions in class! If they are nervous, you might have their teachers learn the routine and perform it with them.
  •  Partner Switch! While singing, call out “Partner Switch” Have each child switch partners as quickly as they can and see if they can keep up with the actions.
  • Follow the Leaders! Choose a partnership to come to the front of the room. Have them choose actions and lead the group for one verse!

I Feel My Savior’s Love Partner Arm Swings Printable Lesson Plan

Here’s a simple printable lesson plan to help you as you prepare for this fun activity! Although you don’t need any additional materials for this activity, it may be helpful to have a reminder as you prep.

The first page of this printable includes activity instructions, as well as 3 extension ideas. Use these extension ideas to add some extra fun to your singing time lesson!

The last two pages outline the partner arm swing actions for this activity. Print out the pages to help the primary children remember the actions while they sing!

I Feel My Savior's Love Partner Arm Swings Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 6915

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I Feel My Savior's Love Partner Arm Swings Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders I Feel My Saviors Love Heart Attack

How did your primary children enjoy this activity? Let us know in the comments!

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