Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing

This fun Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing is such a simple activity that will get your primary children up out of their seats! This movement activity is an engaging way to review Kindness Begins With Me this month in singing time!

For this activity, we’ll be marching along to the beat! Use these cute stoplight signs that I’ve created to slow down or stop marching while you sing!

Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing Easy ideas for Music Leaders Kindness Begins With Me Draw the Song 1

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Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing

I’m so excited to use this stoplight singing activity in primary! I have been working on creating some simple activities that can work for any primary activity. I started thinking about cute manipulatives, and quickly came up with the idea for this activity!

This activity is modeled after the fun children’s game, “Red Light, Green Light.” For this primary activity, we’ll put a fun twist on this game. Marching is a fun way to add some movement into singing time while still keeping children near their seats.

Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing Easy ideas for Music Leaders IMG 7032

The idea for this game is to have children march while you sing Kindness Begins With Me. As you sing, hold up “Stoplight Signs” including green, yellow, and red. If the light is green, children can march along to a steady beat while they sing.

If the light turns yellow, have your pianist draw out the song a little bit so that the children will march and sing slower! When the light is red, stop marching!

How to Make Your Own Stoplights:

Making your own stoplights for this activity only requires a few materials! There are a few ways to do it depending on what resources you have.

Let’s start with the basics. For these stoplights, you’ll need a copy of the printable lesson plan that’s included later in this post. I’ve included two different options for stoplights that you can use.

Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing Easy ideas for Music Leaders IMG 7030

The first page of stoplights are colored red, green, and yellow for their respective lights. I’ve also included 3 page of stoplights that are just black and white. I made a black and white copy so that you could print each stoplight on colored paper to match the lights.

If you want to use the black and white copies, grab some colored paper from Amazon or Walmart. I found this deal for a set of multi-colored cardstock on Amazon! Print out each stoplight on one page of red, green, and yellow paper.

You may choose to laminate your stoplights too if you want them to last longer! These stoplights can be used to review any primary song so it might be a good idea! Next, grab some scissors and cut the circles out.

Using Jumbo popsicle sticks, tape each stoplight to a popsicle stick so you can hold it. It’s that simple! Just a few materials and you’re ready for this activity!

Activity Instructions:

  1. Review Kindness Begins With Me (Flipchart) at the beginning of singing time.
  2. Introduce the activity by bringing out the stoplight signs and seeing if the children know what each stoplight means.
  3. Then, have them stand up! Hold up the green stoplight and have them start marching. Don’t bring in the song just yet.
  4. Then, hold up the yellow sign and have them slowww down their marching. Finally, hold up the red stoplight to have them stop.
  5. Then, bring in the music! Start singing Kindness Begins With Me and hold up one of the stoplight signs. Have the children march along as they sing as you switch stoplights!
Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing Easy ideas for Music Leaders IMG 7031

Extension Ideas:

  • Have the children hold up the stoplight signs! Kids love to be “teacher helpers” and participate. Have children take turns holding up the signs while you sing. Since the song is so short, there should be many opportunities for turns!
  • Have the children march around the room! For this version, you may have to move some furniture out of the way.
  • Choose another fun actions for the kids to do. For example, you may have them wave their arms or kick their feet. The stoplight signs should work great for these actions too!
  • Have them Draw Kindness Begins with Me song with the stop and go lights!
Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing Easy ideas for Music Leaders IMG 6765

For another fun singing time idea working with dynamics and learning to feel the movement of the musical notes, head over to see our I Feel My Savior’s Love Syllable Singing!

Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing Printable Lesson Plan

I’ve created a printable lesson plan to help you prep for this fun Stoplight Singing activity! It may seem a little redundant to have all the extra pages, but it’s for a purpose!

The first page of the printable includes activity instructions and some fun ways to add to the activity! Print out this page to help you prepare for the activity, or save it for another time!

The second page of the printable includes 3 colored stoplight circles. Print these circles out if you have the colored ink and don’t want to worry about purchasing colored paper.

Each of the last 3 pages include 1 stoplight per page. Print out these pages with coordinating green, yellow, and red paper! This version is also good if you have children who are colorblind because the words are written on the lights.

Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing Easy ideas for Music Leaders IMG 7034

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Kindness Begins With Me Stoplight Singing Easy ideas for Music Leaders Kindness Begins With Me Spiritual Message

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