In My Father’s Hands – Picture Word Match

For younger Primary groups or combined primaries, this picture based game will be fun for all ages! In My Father’s Hands Picture Word Match combines a little bit of a traditional match game with a different approach, to add more …

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Singing Time Monthly Plan – June 2019

I can hardly believe that summer is here! Summer can be a little challenging with families out on vacation and missed weeks. Since I teach the program songs all year long, I’m not too worried about the summer slump, though! …

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10 Singing Time Ideas Using Flip Charts

Singing Time Ideas Using Flip Charts

I use flip charts a lot of the time in Primary as I feel it’s helpful for those kids that aren’t always there each week and for the teachers (which encourages THEM to actually sing along with the kids!) It …

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Keep the Commandments – Sway and Freeze

Keep the Commandments Sway & Freeze

One fun game I have planned for this month while teaching Keep the Commandments is a child-led Sway and Freeze game! Since the song, Keep the Commandments, is all about following the commandments we’ll play up that theme with putting …

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Called to Serve – Flip Chart

Called to Serve - Flip Chart

This Called to Serve Flip Chart is colorful and fun while being as concise as possible! It has beautiful pictures of missionaries in the service teaching the people to demonstrate the words and some of the key phrases highlighted in …

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I See a Hero – Flip Chart

I See a Hero - Flip Chart

I’ve already picked out my Father’s Day song for this year (In My Father’s Hands) but I really liked this song, too, and thought I’d make up a flip chart for those who are teaching I See a Hero this …

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In My Father’s Hands – Echo Singing

In My Father's Hands Echo Singing

One really easy, no-prep way to teach the words of a song for the very first time is with Echo Singing! You can also use this method if the children need a review of the words to make sure they …

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I Love to See the Temple – Match Game

Have fun singing I Love to See the Temple over and over with this fun Temple Match game! Plus, see below, for another interesting variant game option of playing Go Fish!! —> Click to Pin/Save This Post! <— I Love …

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