Review Game – Read My Lips

I plan to use this fun Read My Lips review game in July to review all of our Primary Program songs we’ve learned. Since we’ve already worked on all of our program songs throughout the year, I plan to make July more casual and just have fun reinforcing all our program songs.

Since so many families are traveling in July in our ward, I think this work really well as our plan for July! My Primary thrives on a challenge, so I think they’ll really like this game!

Read My Lips
Review Game


  • Write out card slips with your song title names. Or, print the ones below, if they have the songs you’ll need.
  • Cut out the song title slips and have them face down on a table, in a bowl, or taped to the board upside down so a child can easily pick one.

How to Play:

  • A child will try to have the Primary kids guess what song you will be singing next. They cannot speak out loud and should not use any gestures. Their job will be to mouth the song titles without making any noise.
  • The rest of the Primary will have to watch closely and do their best to read lips!
  • When the correct song is guessed, then sing it all together. Pick a child that is participating in singing to be your next helper!   

Adaptation for Junior Primary:

  • Have them start by mouthing the song title. Then, let them add guesture or try to draw the song title Pictionary style until the group guesses the song!

Extension Ideas:

  • Have one side lip sing, while the other side sings. Then switch roles. This will let you sing through each song twice.
  • Go around and tap on children’s shoulders that are singing and participating. If they have been spotted singing great, and you have tapped them, they can lip sing the rest of the song! 
  • Break the room in “teams”. Have one person come up from each group (taking turns so each player will eventually get a turn). They’ll each read the song title and then try to get their group to guess the song title first!
    • You can rotate so everyone pays attention at the same time, or let them ring a bell when they’re team has the right answer! Either way, have teachers help moderate each group. Any words spoken aloud or gestures will disqualify that group from answering.

Read My Lips
Printable Song Titles

I made a quick printable version of 24 different song titles that you may be using as part of the 2019 Come Follow Me choices. Since I was making a printable with my songs already, I just added a few more titles that others may be using this year.

Also included in the printable is a 1-page rules overview so you can easily stash this idea away in your singing time filing cabinet to play again another time!

Click here —> to Print Read My Lips – Review Game Printable

What other fun ways could you extend this Read My Lips review game?

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