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This month in primary, I’ll be teaching I Will Walk With Jesus in singing time. This song was introduced in the Feb. 2020 edition of The Friend.

Since this song may be unfamiliar to children, this I Will Walk With Jesus Music Videos is a great way to introduce this song in singing time.

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I Will Walk with Jesus Music Videos singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders teaching this song.

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I love the message of I Will Walk With Jesus. During this Easter season, I want to introduce a new song in primary. If you obtain approval from your Bishopric to teach this song, it can be a great testimony-builder for young children.

Since this is a fairly new song, it might be tricky for children to catch on to the lyrics right away. A music video can be a great way to introduce an unfamiliar song because it provides a visual image to link to the new words.

4 I Will Walk With Jesus Music Videos

The idea for this activity is pretty simple. To prepare for this activity, I’ll be looking for music videos that I can use to introduce this song. This is an excellent way to help familiarize the children with the song before you begin teaching the lyrics.

In preparation for this activity, I mainly searched for videos through YouTube, but I’m sure there are other great resources to find music videos of this song. Most videos can easily be sung along with and have beautiful images of the Savior.

Here are my TOP 4 suggestions for music videos to use for this activity:

1. I Will Walk With Jesus – Heather Pickett Photography

This is by far my top recommendation for this song because it is sung by little children. I can think of no better way for children to learn a new primary song than by hearing it sung by other primary children!

The pictures in this music video are beautiful and depict sweet images of the Savior with children. Head here to see the I Will Walk with Jesus Music Video by Heather Pickette Photography.

2. Friend to Friend: I Will Walk With Jesus

This video is from the Feb. 2020 “Friend to Friend” event. The audio in this video is actually the same as the previous video, but the pictures and videos are so sweet!

It’s so fun to see the children recording the song and sharing their talents! See the Friend to Friend Music Video here.

You can also download the Friend to Friend video before Primary from the church website so you don’t have any buffering or tech issues!

There’s actually an additional Sing-Along video on the church’s website as well with a live action video of Jesus! You can see that I Will Walk with Jesus video here and download it ahead of time.

3. I Will Walk With Jesus Sing-Along

This video is great because the words are printed in larger font for an easier read for children. Again, the audio is the same as the first two videos. Another awesome option!

Head over here to see the I Will Walk with Jesus Sing-Along on YouTube.

4. I Will Walk with Jesus Face to Face Event

If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll LOVE this option!

I Will Walk with Jesus was first introduced as a Face to Face Event to introduce the new Children & Youth program. This version is really beautiful because it’s a live singing and uses a variety of voices – including a part in Spanish!

You’ll want to jump to 1:34:30 (It’s at the VERY end of the video. The time stamp is for 1 hour, 34 minutes, and 30 seconds into the video). Head here to see the Face to Face Event Video on YouTube.

Baptism Arrangement and Silent Video

For more ideas on how to use videos in Singing Time, see this Baptism Silent Video singing time lesson plan!

How to Use these I Will Walk with Jesus Music Videos in Singing Time

All of these videos are a beautiful depiction of Jesus Christ serving and loving the children. You can bring these videos to primary by setting up a TV in the primary room or simply playing the videos on your laptop if you have a small primary. Since there are a few videos, you could show all three during your review time.

It may be difficult to find a wide variety of resources on this song because it’s still fairly new. If you are tech-savvy and have a few hours to create your own video, that would be a fun project to share in primary!

I Will Walk with Jesus Music Videos singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders teaching this song.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Introduce this song by playing one or more of the above music videos.
  2. After showing the video, play the video again, this time inviting children to sing along or read the words silently to themselves.
  3. You may have a brief discussion about this song and its meaning.
  4. Start teaching I Will Walk With Jesus using this flipchart.
  5. After teaching the words to this song, watch the music video again and sing along!

Extension Ideas:

  • After reviewing the song, play the music video and randomly pause the video. See who can guess what line comes next in the song!
  • After singing with the music video, try muting the video and see if the children can sing along without the music.
  • After learning the first verse of the song, try learning the second verse using the I Will Walk with Jesus flipchart here.
I Will Walk with Jesus Flip Chart singing time for LDS Primary music leaders

We have lots of fun ideas planned for this song! Head over next to see this cute I Will walk with Jesus Footprint Words singing time idea!

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How will you use these music videos to teach I Will Walk With Jesus this month?

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