Snowball Fight No-Prep Singing Time Game!

Snowball Fight super fun no-prep singing time game! A perfect lesson plan for winter. Pass out these cute snowball pages and have the kids write down a song title, crumble up the paper into a snowball and toss all the snowballs up front! Pick one and sing through the song. A great activity for LDS Primary music leaders.

Are you looking for a super fun no-prep singing time idea for Winter? You’ll love this easy game that can be used throughout the winter months when you don’t have a time to make a plan, just pull out these … Read now

Primary Getting to Know You Survey for Kids

Getting to Know You Printable Survey - Fun questionnaire for LDS Primary Music Leaders or Come Follow Me for Primary Sunday School teachers! Includes a section for them to fill-in their favorites and then a section to pick which they prefer in a would you rather game! Easy ideas to use this in singing time as well.

Are you a new Primary Music Leader? Or want to get to know each other after ward boundaries are adjusted? You’ll love this adorable Getting to Know You Survey! It was designed with Primary aged children in mind, and would … Read now

15 New Year’s Singing Time Ideas

15 fun New Year Singing Time ideas - simple and easy activity to celebrate New Year's Eve or the start of a brand new year with printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders. Use your own selections of songs, the kids favorite songs from the past, or your new song list for the year ahead (future) with any of these easy lesson plans.

Whether you’re looking to plan something fun for the last Singing time of the year or to use one of the first few weeks of the New Year, you’ll find something fun here with this list of 15 New Year’s … Read now

7 MORE Primary Song Snowflakes

7 more fun printable Primary Song Snowflakes template printables! Use these cute snowflakes as a way to introduce a variety of new songs or review your choice of song selections. Singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders.

I was inspired by the OCD Primary Chorister’s original song snowflake ideas! I thought it would be fun to try to come up with some of my own patterns. I’ll just say – they were a lot of work to … Read now

Primary Song Snowflakes by OCD Primary Chorister

Snag ALL 32 original Primary Song Snowflakes created by OCD Primary Chorister (2013 to 2017). These files are no longer publicly available on the original source website. They have been compiled, sourced, and edited to share once again rather then passing around partial copies in forums and groups. A fun singing time idea with printables for LDS Primary music leaders.

Have you even seen the amazing Primary Song Snowflakes created by a fellow singing time blogger, OCD Primary Chorister? They are just incredible she is so talented!! A random assortment of her original files have floated around internet archives, forums, … Read now

Learn & Grow Flower New Year Idea

Cute New Years Learn & Grow Flower activity printable introduction activity for Come Follow Me New Testament Songs for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Introduce all your songs for Come Follow Me New Testament with this cute Primary New Year Idea: Learn & Grow activity! It’s so fun to see your primary children progress throughout the year and learn new songs! Each of the … Read now

Primary New Years Activity: New Years Goals

Fun Primary New Years Goals activity with printable posters for singing time new years goals for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching Come Follow Me New Testament.

I am so excited to start a new year in primary! I love studying the New Testament and I am excited to help the children learn more about Jesus Christ in singing time. I have been thinking about a meaningful … Read now

Sing With Emojis Singing Time Game

Introduce new primary songs for the Come Follow Me year with this adorable Sing with Emojis (emotions!) singing time idea! Includes free printables for LDS Primary music leaders and fun ways to use this activity to review a variety of songs any time of the year.

Are you looking for a super fun singing time game to help you introduce your brand new song selections from the Come Follow Me Primary songs list? You’ll love this adorable Sing with Emojis activity!! It’s a great way to … Read now

Primary Song Check-In Ratings & Countdown

Primary Song Check-in - Use this cute printable to introduce your Primary Songs for the new year or review all your songs to see how well the kids know them! Use it as a big poster or individual checklist trackers for your song progress. Plus, a cute clock countdown printable for New Years singing time! Free printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Are you looking for a super cute new year’s themed activity to introduce all you’re new songs for the year? Or, maybe you’re feeling out some of the many songs you’re considering and want to see which ones the kids … Read now

Name That Tune: Song Championship & Awards

Name That Tune Primary Song Championship - try this fun and super easy game to introduce your songs for a new Come Follow Me year for the first time or to review a bunch of different songs in a fun way. This is a great singing time activity to use with a substitute!

Take a traditional game of name that tune up a new level with this fun challenge to get the kids invested in playing along!! In this Name That Tune Song Champions game, you’ll see if the kids can guess the … Read now

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