Choose the Right Chimes & Bells

Choose the Right Chimes & Bells singing time idea! Head over to grab this printable pipe chime and hand bells charts to help teach the LDS hymn Choose the Right in your Primary room! You can use either instrument - or both - for a fun and one of a kind singing time!

Here’s a fun activity, teach the hymn with this Choose the Right Chimes & Bells charts! You can use pipe chimes, hand bells, or both in this one of a kind lesson plan the kids are going to love! The … Read now

Born to Be a King Handbell Chart

Born to Be a King Handbell Chart - free printable Merry Bells hand bells chart for teaching this song in Singing Time! Helpful printables for LDS Primary Music Leaders for this beautiful Christmas song!

Are you teaching Born to Be a King this year for Christmas? I’m so excited to share with you this free printable Born to Be a King Handbell Chart! It was created by Merry Bells and they want to share … Read now

Merry Bells Handbells Coupon Code & Review

Merry Bells Handbells Review & Coupon Code - How to use handbells in Singing Time for LDS Primary music leaders

Your Primary children will absolutely love using Merry Bells Handbells during Singing Time! This post will cover a review of Merry Bells plus, you won’t want to miss my exclusive Merry Bells Promo Code at the end of this post! … Read now

Merry Bells Christmas Song List + Promo Code

Merry Bells Christmas Song List - A fun holiday tradition with your family perfect for 4-8 people or add a second handbells set to expand to more participants! See all the Merry Bells Handbells charts and Play-Along DVDs for Christmas, Primary, Hymns, Children's songs, and Patriotic songs.

Merry Bells is a fun holiday tradition that can be extended to having fun all year long with their series that now includes 6 different DVDs and 180 different songs! To make it easier than ever to find which DVD … Read now

Amad a otros Campanas de mano

Agrega un instrumento musical muy especial mientras cantan Amad a otros. A tus niños de la primaria les encantará esta versión. Para los líderes de música de la Primaria el tiempo para cantar. SUD

Como estudiante de musicoterapia, ¡siempre trato de llevar algunos instrumentos divertidos a primaria si puedo! A mis niños de primaria les encanta usar instrumentos, ¡y las campanas son definitivamente uno de sus favoritos! ¡Trato de llevar campanas de mano al … Read now

Make Handbells Music Charts with Note Cards!

Make Handbells Music Charts with Note Cards! Easy ideas for Music Leaders Hand Bell Cards11 2

I save my handbells as an extra special instrument that only comes into Primary 1-3 times a year. My kids LOVE using them, and it always turns out so amazing and worth the effort, but they’re not the easiest instrument … Read now

My Heavenly Father Loves Me Handbells

my heavenly father loves me hand bells

My Primary group absolutely loves it when I bring in any type of instruments or manipulative – but their favorite just might be handbells! That might be because I bring handbells in as a special treat just a couple of … Read now

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