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More than 100 Christmas Singing Time Ideas with fun ideas to work for teaching Christmas songs of your choice or browse through the singing time ideas by song title! Huge resource list for LDS Primary Music Leaders.
100+ Christmas Singing Time Ideas by Song!
Christmas Tic Tac Toe - A fun 3 player Tic Tac Toe (or 3 teams) with symbols for the shepherds, angels, and wise men and lots of repetition for a single song, mix of songs, or 3 Christmas songs of your choice! Fun singing time idea or printable game for families.
Christmas Tic Tac Toe: Shepherds, Angels, Wise Men
LDS Primary Songs Post Index Easy ideas for Music Leaders sq Homemade Jingle Bell Bracelets DIY8
How to Make Jingle Bell Bracelets DIY
Symbols of Christmas easy and meaningful singing time activity to teach the importance and meaning behind the things we see at Christmastime! Plus, sing along Christmas songs and add an object and fun way to sing to bring the symbols to life. Plus, includes a super cute Jingle Bells Christmas gift tag printable and gift idea for your Primary children. Free printables for LDS Primary music leaders.
Symbols of Christmas & Jingle Bells Gift
Name That Tune Primary Song Championship - try this fun and super easy game to introduce your songs for a new Come Follow Me year for the first time or to review a bunch of different songs in a fun way. This is a great singing time activity to use with a substitute!
Name That Tune: Song Championship & Awards
5 fun and easy ways to use "I Can Play It" simplified Primary songs sheet music! Incorporate more activities with the senior primary children learning to play the beautiful Primary music at home or at church. Ideas for LDS Primary music Leaders for singing time or fun at home challenges for the kids.
6 Ways to Use "I Can Play It" Primary Songs in Singing Time
LDS Primary Songs Post Index Easy ideas for Music Leaders sq I Can Play It Song List5
"I Can Play It" Simplified Primary Sheet Music List
Try out this SO cute and fun printable Christmas Spot It game! Includes a free printable spot it game with a Christmas theme and 13 game cards. Print in 1/4 page or full page size with fun variations on ways to play. Plus ideas for using this activity for Singing Time for LDS Primary Music Leaders with Christmas Songs from the Children's Songbook or Christmas ways to sing.
Christmas Spot It Match Game
LDS Primary Songs Post Index Easy ideas for Music Leaders sq How to Make Ribbon Wands16
How to Make Ribbon Wands DIY
Merry Bells Handbells Review & Coupon Code - How to use handbells in Singing Time for LDS Primary music leaders
Merry Bells Handbells Coupon Code & Review
Easy singing time idea -- Have some fun with this Thanksgiving-themed word search while singing primary songs about gratitude! Have the kids see how many words they can find and how many songs they recognize! Then, sing the fall songs as you go! Printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders. #LDS #Primary #Singingtime #Musicleader
Thanksgiving Primary Songs Word Search
This FUN Thanksgiving Feast Primary Idea is a cute way to review primary songs during November! Bring in pictures of favorite Thanksgiving foods with songs written on the back. Add items to your plate as you review! Printable singing time ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.
FUN Thanksgiving Feast Primary Review!
LDS Primary Songs Post Index Easy ideas for Music Leaders sq New Testament Year Outline7
Singing Time Supplies Budget Alternates & Tips!
Merry Bells Christmas Song List - A fun holiday tradition with your family perfect for 4-8 people or add a second handbells set to expand to more participants! See all the Merry Bells Handbells charts and Play-Along DVDs for Christmas, Primary, Hymns, Children's songs, and Patriotic songs.
Merry Bells Christmas Song List + Promo Code
LDS Primary Songs Post Index Easy ideas for Music Leaders sq New Testament Primary Year Outline
New Testament Primary Program Outline & Song Picker
How to Make Maori Sticks (also called Lummi Sticks) a fun DIY instrument tutorial for making music come to life if your classroom or Primary Music room! Step by step tutorial and fun actions explained with helps from an LDS Primary Music Leader for Singing Time!
How to Make Maori Sticks (DIY Tutorial)
Do you include holidays in Primary? Try these 20 easy LDS Halloween Singing Time ideas for themed fun for your lesson plans - helps for Primary Music Leaders. These activities will work with learning a new song or reviewing a mix of songs with a subtle Halloween theme.
21 Easy LDS Halloween Singing Time Ideas
Fall & Halloween Pumpkin Patch Game printable activity for Singing Time! 6 fun ways to use our cute pumpkin printables or mini pumpkins as a learning activity for teaching music ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.
Fall & Halloween Pumpkin Patch Game
How to Make a Magic Potion - DIY easy potions for kids with ingredients, recipes, step-by-step directions and tutorial plus fun ways to incorporate a learning activity or singing time game with your fake Halloween potions! Includes printable potion bottle song visuals for LDS Primary Music Leaders.
How to Make a Magic Potion DIY Recipe
Halloween Bucket Toss Singing Time game with cute ways to pick out Primary songs to sing and even a gross texture fun idea to mix it up! LDS Primary Music Leader singing time ideas with printable song helps.
Halloween Bucket Toss Singing Time
How to Make Egg Shakers Instruments - Step-by-step easy tutorial for making homemade egg shaker for music time or Singing Time. Designed by an LDS Primary Music Leader working with toddler, preschool, and middle grade kids learning music theory and songs!
How to Make Egg Shakers Instruments Homemade
4 years of Come Follow Me LDS Primary songs printable list for Singing Time with music numbers. Plus, ideas + planning helps for all songs for Music leaders. Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine & Covenants primary song lists!
LDS Primary Songs Printable List (4 Years!)
LDS Primary Songs Post Index Easy ideas for Music Leaders Focus on the Savior Program Review 20221005 152535
Focus on the Savior New Testament Primary Program Review
Halloween Trick Treat or Sing fun singing time idea for Halloween (or use it any time of the year!) with a fun assortment of tricks (silly and simple actions), treats (can give a candy or use one of the sweet activities), and sing cards with fun ways to sing! Printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders and blank cards to make this lesson plan unique to your class!
Halloween Trick Treat or Sing Singing Time

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