INSTANT Primary Singing Membership

Are you looking for a shortcut to all of my content organized into ONE easy to download printable packet? Introducing the brand new paid membership… INSTANT Primary Singing!

INSTANT Primary Singing membership subscription for immediate 1-click access to all singing time ideas for the monthly Come Follow Me songs!

What is INSTANT Primary Singing?

Are you tired of the last minute scramble to plan Singing Time?

Do you struggle to come up with fun and engaging lesson plans?

Are you short on time and needing a fast solution?

Then INSTANT Primary Singing is for you!

This brand-new membership subscription gives you instant, ad-free, access to printable lesson plans for all 3 songs for the month. You’ll also find fun holiday activities and bonus printables to help you make the most out of each and every minute on Sunday!

I’ll be your busy bee in the background helping you to plan your Singing Time in just minutes! Pick, print, and go with lesson plans right there to refer back to.

What’s included in the INSTANT Primary Singing Membership?

There’s a whole bunch of perks including ad-free and email-subscriber free access printables and exclusive files you won’t find as free in-post printables! Here’s what’s included:

INSTANT Primary Singing Monthly package of singing time ideas

Included for all Monthly Subscribers:

  • 18+ ideas and printables in 1 click file each month
    • Includes printables for all 3 songs from the suggested list
    • Plus bonus holiday or seasonal printables
    • Lesson plan & directions in all printables
  • Instant flip charts in 3 styles
  • 1-sheet overview of all monthly singing time ideas for FAST planning
  • Filled in week-by-week singing time plan for all 3 songs
  • Song suggestions from the Come Follow Me manual for easy reference
  • 25% off coupon for any additional purchases in my digital shop
INSTANT Primary Singing Membership Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders annually pricing plan instant

Additional Bonuses for Yearly Subscribers:

  • Save $22 (2 months free!)
  • Get access to everything included in monthly!
  • Exclusive downloads only for annual members.
  • Get early and extended access to monthly printables. (As soon as it’s ready!)
  • Teach 3 program songs each month, not just the 3 monthly song suggestions
  • Easy to expenses as one annual payment
  • Share your subscription with a co-leader
  • Includes a FREE copy of our Primary Singing Time Binder Planner ($11.55 value)
  • 30% off coupon for any additional purchases in my digital shop

How much does INSTANT Primary Singing cost?

INSTANT Primary Singing has two payment options:

Monthly: $10
*Get instant access to the current month’s downloads.
*Monthly files are available on the last Sunday of the preceding month.

Annual: $98 (2 months free and less than $2/week!)
*Monthly files are available on the last Sunday of the preceding month.
*Landing page with access to all yearly files as they become available.

When am I billed?

Your first payment will be processed immediately upon subscription. Recurring billing for monthly plans occurs on the same day of the month as you subscribed. If that date lands on a weekend, the payment may be bumped forward or backward one day to the nearest business day.

If your payment method is declined or invalid, content delivery will be delayed until any payment issues are cleared up and processed.

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership at any time.

Cancelling will end your recurring payment plan immediately.

When you cancel, you’ll retain access to all membership exclusive access areas and can save or print downloads until your paid-for membership period ends.

INSTANT Primary Singing Membership Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders cancel or pause

You can manage your account any time to pause, cancel, upgrade or resume your membership.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this membership, all sales are final and non-refundable. You may cancel your recurring subscription at any time.

Do you offer a free or discounted trial?

I do not offer a free trial membership.

Current email subscribers and those who have created a free account with Primary Singing PLUS+ can use the weekly newsletter coupon code to save on a membership! Just look for that code at the very bottom of every weekly email.

INSTANT Primary Singing Membership Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Instant I Am a Child of God Sample

Instead of a trial, you can sample what the INSTANT Primary Singing membership looks like. Take a sneak peek at the free sample 1-song INSTANT access file for I Am a Child of God on the sales page here to try out the service.

When are new monthly printables available?

INSTANT Primary Singing Membership Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders january

The new printable files for each month will be available on (or before) the last Sunday of the month before. That way, you can spend a little time preparing for the month ahead on Sunday afternoon, if you choose to.

If you subscribe during the month, you’ll receive instant access to the current month’s printables.

Why join a membership when the printables are free?

Joining INSTANT Primary Singing provides a bunch of benefits that make it faster to access all the relevant printables for the month and helps you be ready for Singing Time, without any scrambling through endless posts.

You are more than welcome to stick around for our completely free printables and subscribe to our email newsletters to unlock the free Primary Singing PLUS+ option instead, if you choose.

Here’s some of the reasons to join:

  1. Saves time with instant access
  2. Bypass the in-post ads
  3. Super organized file by song title that are easy to utilize
  4. Access to exclusive printables only available to members!
  5. Extended printables for many of the included lesson plans.
  6. You may be able to expense your subscription with your Primary budget.
  7. Includes a lesson plan and directions for use so you can skip all the blog posts
  8. Exclusive 1-sheet overview of lesson plans to plan your Sunday FAST! (Not available anywhere else)
  9. Helps bring additional singing time plans to life by supporting a small business!

I’ve been released as the Primary Music Leader, what should I do?

First, I’m so very sorry! Getting released can be heartbreaking, especially in a calling you loved.

You can cancel your subscription at any time or cancel auto-renewals to avoid unwanted or unexpected charges. Due to the digital nature of this subscription, Monthly and Annual subscription fees are non-refundable.

If you’d like to cancel your account and no longer want or need access to INSTANT Primary Singing, you can do so at any time. Your access will remain through the end of the current billing cycle.

If you are on an annual plan, you may share access to your subscription with a co-Music Leader or the next person called. You might ask to have your subscription fees reimbursed by the ward or new music leader or consider it a donation to help out a brand new music leader find their groove.

You can sign-up using a ward created email address or change your password to something generic, remove any billing information and personal details, and pass over the account to the new leader.

To change your current subscription to a different email address, contact me at:
[email protected]

Have other questions or need help?

Send me an email to: [email protected] or reach out to me on Facebook!

A Facebook message can be a fast way to reach me and chat through any concerns. I am active in the Singing Time Ideas for Primary Music Leaders Facebook Group and other groups and love to connect!

Ready to Join? Pick your plan here!

INSTANT Primary Singing Monthly
$10 / Month
18+ teaching ideas each month
Printables for the monthly songs
Bonus holiday/seasonal printables
Lesson plan & directions included
Colorful and Black & White Flip charts (custom art style is not included)
1-sheet overview of monthly ideas
Week-by-week plan for all 3 songs
Song suggestions from CFM reference
25% off coupon for my digital shop
INSTANT Primary Singing Annual
$98 / Year
Save $22 (2 months free!)
Everything included in Monthly
Early & Extended access to printables
Easy to expense annual payment
Share subscription with co-leader
FREE Binder Planner ($11.55 value)
30% off coupon for my digital shop

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