Primary Songs List for Come, Follow Me: Old Testament

Follow along with the Primary Songs planned for the Old Testament Come, Follow Me curriculum this year!

Any links below will bring you to my singing time ideas for each of these CFM Old Testament year Primary songs! 

Wondering how to pick? I poured over all 4 years of song lists in this comparison chart and tried my best to select the songs that made the most sense for each year, avoiding any duplicates! Head over to see our suggested 4-year song list as a helpful starting point, but keep in mind you will likely need to make adjustments for your Primary!

Then, check out our singing time binder to see how it can help you get organized for the year ahead and make you more prepared for Primary!

Come, Follow Me – Old Testament
Primary Song List

I may or may not get to activities for each of the outlined songs for this year, since we have so many options! However, you can follow any of the links for the songs that have a link to find the posts related to that song.