Primary Songs List for Come, Follow Me: Doctrine & Covenants

Here you can find an outline of all of the Primary Songs for Come, Follow Me – D&C. As we go through the Doctrine & Covenants this year, we have these awesome songs to work through and teach our children in Primary! 

Any links below will bring you to my singing time ideas for each of these CFM D&C year Primary songs! 

Before you get started, head over to this helpful post to see how I planned a year of singing time lessons up front in about an hour and also our singing time planning worksheet that’s incredibly helpful, too! You may also like this Comparison Chart that shows all 4-Years of Come, Follow Me songs across the years suggestions to help you when picking your songs for the year!

Come, Follow Me – Doctrine & Covenants
Primary Song List

I may or may not get to activities for each of the outlined songs for this year, since we have so many options! However, you can follow any of the links for the songs that have a link to find the posts related to that song.