8 Singing Time Ideas for The Holy Ghost

8 Primary Singing Time Ideas for the song The Holy Ghost! Activities and printable lesson plans to reach a variety of learning styles.

8 Singing Time Ideas
for The Holy Ghost

1. The Holy Ghost – Hand Pattern

The Holy Ghost Hand Pattern Singing Time

Get everyone clapping and patsching along to the rhythm with this upbeat and lively Hand Pattern activity! It’s great for tons of repetition and engaging the kids with the music.

2. The Holy Ghost – Number Problems

The Holy Ghost Number Problems logical activity for those critical thinkers! Primary Singing Time activity lesson and idea for LDS Music Leaders and fun for an FHE or Home Study of Come Follow Me!

Teach The Holy Ghost with some logical number problems! Your math geniuses will take the lead with this activity trying to figure out what each number of the song represents. With two different printable options (with or without words) you can easily add this activity to your own singing time lesson plans!

3. The Holy Ghost – Sensing the Holy Ghost

Sing through The Holy Ghost a few times. Make it fun and engaging with simple hand actions or with an action for specific words.

Then, pause after singing through the song a couple of times. Point out what feeling the spirit feels like. Ask what the spirit feels like to the kids. Then continue singing the song another time before switching to a different activity to help tie in the messaging.

4. The Holy Ghost – Jingle Bells

The Holy Ghost - Jingle Bells - Primary Singing Time activity and lesson plan for LDS Music Leaders or for a fun activity for home study of Come, Follow Me!

Sing through The Holy Ghost over and over while having fun with bells as you learn to notice the differences between beat, melody, rhythm, and the words and how they interact with each other!

5. The Holy Ghost – Hangman Blanks

The Holy Ghost Hangman Blanks - a fun no prep Primary singing time idea for music leaders! A go-to activity every chorister needs in their back pocket! #lds #primary #singingtime

Challenge the kids to help you figure out the missing phrase with this stretched out version of hangman! My Primary kids were so engaged with singing all so they could guess a letter! Fun, easy, and no prop needed! See how we played Hangman Blanks for The Holy Ghost with extension ideas!

6. The Holy Ghost – Finger Lights

The Holy Ghost Finger Lights Singing Time

Teach an important lesson about paying attention to the Holy Ghost while you have so much fun learning or reviewing the song that goes with it! We used Finger Lights to demonstrate how to better pay attention to the spirit while engaging with this song!

7. The Holy Ghost – Singing Bee

Start your own “Singing Bee” with a handful of kids as you review The Holy Ghost to see how well the kids know the words! You can easily adapt this lesson plan from last year to work with singing through The Holy Ghost! Just call up 6 kids at a time and pass the singing bee printable!

8. The Holy Ghost – Quiet Calming Sounds

I didn’t make any formal lesson plans for this activity. Instead, I just asked the children to make some sounds for me. I called up helpers and asked them, one by one, if they could make a certain quiet or calm sound.

Examples of quiet sounds could include: Baby sleeping, gentle stream, vacuum, rain, fireplace, heartbeat, the ocean, etc.

If the child I first asked couldn’t make the particular sound, I just asked the next child in line to help and asked them to try one of the easier sounds next.

You’ll only spend a minute or two demonstrating calming sounds. You could instead do one sound between each time singing through the song. Then, I briefly shared how sometimes those noises are background noises that we don’t pay any attention to. We have to pay really close attention to notice and recognize certain quiet sounds.

I asked the children: How is the Holy Ghost like those quiet sounds?

How else have you taught The Holy Ghost? Share in the comments to add to this list of singing time ideas!

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  1. We used the giant soft block with the words: dab, snap, stomp, pat etc and kids participating and who knew the song well were called on to roll the dice. We would do the action as we sang and got to review the song lots! They kept wanting to roll and sing again and again!


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