18 Easter Hosanna Singing Time Ideas

Are you ready to jump into tons of fun Easter Hosanna singing time ideas (archives landing page)? We’ve created a bunch of fun and varied activities to help you teach this song, plus sourced a few more favorite ideas from around the web to give you lots of resources to help you teach Easter Hosanna as part of the Book of Mormon Come Follow Me songs this year.

Teach Easter Hosanna with these fun and engaging Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders - a fun assortment of activities and lesson plans.

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Easter Hosanna Teaching Packet

Get everything you need to teach this song in one go-to packet! It includes all of the extended printables, a custom art flip chart, and 8 fun different ways to teach this song! It’s an all encompassing Easter Hosanna teaching packet to make your time in singing time fast, easy, and fun!

You’ll find this Easter Hosanna Singing Time Packet in my shop here. It’s also available in my Etsy store here, if you prefer that platform.

Easter Hosanna Singing time packet for this beautiful primary song - easy ways for LDS Primary music leaders to teach this song including a beautiful custom art flip chart, pipe chimes, song story, partner rhythm, cup pattern, binder pictures, melody map and more!

Easter Hosanna Flip Charts

Easter Hosanna Flip Chart singing time visual aids helps for LDS Primary music leaders to teach this beautiful song for Easter or any time of the year. Part of the Book of Mormon Come Follow Me study song list.

A great first place to start is with an Easter Hosanna Flip Chart to help you have the words handy for those that might need them. I like to use a flip chart the first week or two while learning the song and again at the presentation so the children can feel confident singing, even if they have nerves! You’ll find several different printable options and a slideshow!

8 Easter Hosanna Singing Time Ideas

This post will help you find all of my Easter Hosanna teaching ideas around this blog. Plus, I’m also sharing additional favorite lesson plans from other Primary music leaders at the end of this post!

1. Easter Hosanna – Pipe Chimes

Easter Hosanna Pipe Chimes chart - use this fun printable chime charts to play the chorus of Easter Hosanna to add a fun emphasis to this Primary Easter song! Great singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders with printable song helps.

You’ll love this Easter Hosanna Pipe Chimes activity that helps the chorus line feel extra special as you add in chimes following the melody! It’s a perfect addition to this Easter song to help it feel a little unique!

2. Easter Hosanna – Binder Pictures

Easter Hosanna Binder Pictures fun and super easy singing time idea to help teach this beautiful Easter song in Singing Time for LDS Primary Music Leaders. Just flip through the pictures with keywords on the back of each page as you sing the story!

For a lovely way to teach this song like a story, try out this Easter Hosanna Binder Pictures activity. Each page includes a lovely picture that complements the lyrics and two keywords from the line from the song. It’s a great way to show how the lyrics are connected as they tell the story of Jesus.

3. Easter Hosanna – Song Story

Easter Hosanna Song Story - Share the Easter story told the Book of Mormon to introduce this song in primary with printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Share Christ’s story of resurrection and coming to visit the people in the America’s with this beautiful Easter Hosanna Song Story! It’s a great way to invite the spirit into the room and have a little bit of a different experience with the song and melody.

4. Easter Hosanna – Partner Rhythm

Easter Hosanna Partner Rhythm fun pattern to using during singing time to engage with others around you! Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Get up and moving with a buddy using this Easter Hosanna Partner Rhythm. It’s a fun and simple pat and clap pattern that will get everyone in the Primary room involved and moving along with the beat.

5. Easter Hosanna – Before & After

Easter Hosanna Before & After - Try this fun primary activity with word pairs from the song to better understand this Easter song with free printables for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Did you notice all the contrasting words throughout this song? In this Easter Hosanna Before & After activity you can point out some of those contrasts as you discuss the differences of prophecies to fulfillment and from dead to risen, for example.

6. Easter Hosanna – Cup Actions

Easter Hosanna Cup Actions use this engaging cup pattern to use a cup with a pattern and actions that follow the rhythm and lyrics. Fun singing time activity for LDS Primary music leaders.

You will have so much fun with this easy Easter Hosanna Cup Actions pattern. It follows along with the beat and the melody as the lyrics move through the song with a sequence of simple actions.

7. Easter Hosanna – Melody Map

Easter Hosanna Melody Map singing time activity for a fun way to help you visually show the melody and have the children follow along with hand motions as they decode the melody map! Easter Hosanna singing time activity for LDS Primary music leaders.

A wonderful activity to help you teach the melody of this song is with this colorful and fun Easter Hosanna Melody Map! It includes a block pattern so you can show the movement of the notes up and down on the scale with keyword icons to keep everyone on track with the melody.

8. Easter Hosanna – Action Words

Easter Hosanna Action Words - Use these simple hand actions to review this Easter song in singing time with printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Use this set of simple Easter Hosanna Action Words to help bring each line of the song to life with a movement action. Connecting a concrete action to the lyrics can help the children more easily remember the song lyrics from week to week and have fun moving while you sing.

9. Easter Hosanna Sing Along Video

Practice this song or introduce it to your primary kiddos for the first time with the help of this Easter Hosanna Sing-Along video! It’s perfect to send along to your Primary families to help them practice the song at home.

Teach Easter Hosanna with these fun and engaging Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders - a fun assortment of activities and lesson plans.

12 More Ways to Teach Easter Hosanna

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, I’ve sourced some of my favorite ideas for other Primary Music Leaders to help you teach this song in fun and varied ways.

1. Easter Hosanna – Silent Video

18 Easter Hosanna Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders easter hosanna silent video

Turn to the church’s media library to find a beautiful bible video like this one of Christ Appearing at the temple. Then, play the video without sound and instead play the music to Easter Hosanna.

You don’t need to sing along, in fact I suggest you let the kids just listen to the song. This will help them feel the meaning of the song as they watch the video with the music. I recommend starting at 1-minute in. Then, play the song again and this time sing along!

2. Easter Hosanna – Ribbon Wands

easter hosanna ribbon wands sharla dance

See this fun idea for Ribbon Wands from Teaching Primary Music. It’s a simple and easy pattern that even your Junior Primary children can pick up and follow along with!

18 Easter Hosanna Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Ribbon Wands

18 Easter Hosanna Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders ir?t=primarysinging 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07H9WJPZ9Don’t shy away from ribbon wands, even the boys secretly enjoy them!! You can get Ribbon Wands on Amazon here. They’re super flexible and easy to use in Primary! If you want to easily make your own patterns, you’ll fall in love with my Ribbon Wand Action Cards!

3. Easter Hosanna – Ancient Scroll

18 Easter Hosanna Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders easter hosanna iheartprimarymusic 4

How adorable is this idea from I Heart Primary Music to sing through the song using an ancient scroll. It’s a cute way to display the lyrics and you can use it paired with my flip chart or binder picture activity above!

4. Easter Hosanna – Egg Shakers

This is a cute and fun rhythm pattern the kids will enjoy! Start the video at 34:55 to see this egg shaker and pencil pattern.

Egg Shaker Rhythm Cards

Egg Shakers are the first instrument I always recommend to a new music leader. They’re super versatile and easy to use! Pickup a set of Egg Shakers on Amazon here. Plus, a perfect help to get you started using your egg shakers with the rhythm and in creative and fun ways, pickup the Egg Shaker Beat Rhythm Cards I created.

5. Matching Definitions (Sharla Dance)

6. Easter Hosanna Poster (Facebook Group)

7. Ribbon Wand Pattern Cards (Facebook Group)

8. Bar Chart (Facebook Group)

9. Picture Puzzles (Facebook Group)

For more activities, see these Faith Singing Time ideas!

Faith singing time ideas - Easy ways to teach the LDS Primary song Faith with printable song helps, lesson plans, and fun teaching activities the kids will love! Great resource for Primary music leaders, presidencies and families for use with Come Follow Me.

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Easter Hosanna Primary song singing time ideas including tons of fun ways to teach this song with printable flip chart, cup pattern, pipe chimes chart, song story, binder pictures, before & after contrasts, hand actions, melody map, and more! A wonderful resource for LDS Primary music leaders teaching this song for Come Follow Me Book of Mormon year.

What other fun Easter Hosanna singing time ideas have you tried? We’d love to see your fun ideas! Share them in the comments to add to this list.

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