New Year Song Scramble

New Year Song Scramble fun singing time game and activity to help you introduce your songs for the year and see how well the kids know the songs already - with movement! Grab these no-prep signs for your walls and get to it with easy activities for LDS Primary music leaders.

Use this fun New Year Song Scramble activity to help you get a better idea of how well your Primary children know each of your song picks for the year. It’s a fun way to get everyone moving and thinking … Read now

Snowball Fight No-Prep Singing Time Game!

Snowball Fight super fun no-prep singing time game! A perfect lesson plan for winter. Pass out these cute snowball pages and have the kids write down a song title, crumble up the paper into a snowball and toss all the snowballs up front! Pick one and sing through the song. A great activity for LDS Primary music leaders.

Are you looking for a super fun no-prep singing time idea for Winter? You’ll love this easy game that can be used throughout the winter months when you don’t have a time to make a plan, just pull out these … Read now

Pick a Candy Corn Halloween Game

Halloween Pick a Candy Corn fun singing time game or activity for a classroom adorable printable candy corn pieces for Halloween party.

This fun Pick a Candy Corn Halloween Game is perfect for reviewing a mix of songs and bringing in a subtle holiday flair with this beloved seasonal candy. It’s a great way to bring in the fun of the holidays … Read now

Halloween Costumes Dress-up Ways to Sing

Halloween Costumes Dress-up Ways to Sing Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Halloween Costumes Ways to Sing1 2

Are you up for getting a little silly in your singing time? This cute activity is all about Halloween dress-up with a variety of fun ways to sing to match. It’s a great way to teach about how we are … Read now

Fall Bobbing for Apples Printable Game

Fall Bobbing for Apples printable game

Are you looking for a super fun fall themed singing time activity that will bring in the season AND let you sing through a mix of songs you want to teach or review? You’ll love this Fall Bobbing for Apples … Read now

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey Printable

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey printable singing time activity and lesson plan on gratitude and blessings! Fun and easy craft for kids or for your Primary class.

You will love this super cute turkey to help bring in a spirit of gratitude to your Primary room leading up to Thanksgiving in Singing time and some fun ways to sing ideas to tie in, too. This Thanksgiving Thankful … Read now

Primary Pals Pennant Banner

Back to School Primary Pals fun singing time idea. Use it as a get to know you game or to pick your helpers. Make a cute banner to decorate your Primary room!

Are you looking for a fun way to better get to know your Primary children? It would be perfect for a newly called music leader or use it as a fun way to pick a helper! Use this as one … Read now

Super Singer Arcade Tickets for Primary!

Primary Super Singer Arcade Tickets! Pass out tickets during singing time and have the kids redeem their tickets for prizes! Includes printable tickets and song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Let’s head to the arcade! Use these cute Super Singer Arcade Tickets for a fun summer singing time idea or as a way to review songs for your upcoming primary program! Have some fun reviewing a variety of songs as … Read now

Back to School Alphabet Bingo

Back to School Alphabet Bingo Game - play this fun game with a matching game card in alphabetical order or mixed up game cards. Use the coordinating singing time action for each letter called or use it as a fun getting to know you game with a "favorites" question for each letter! Includes printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders or great for a classroom activity for teachers.

I’m so excited for this fun and one of a kind Back to School Game: Alphabet Bingo! You’ll play a classic game of bingo while picking out a silly way to sing through your songs that will have everyone involved … Read now

Garden Patch Song Review Game

Garden Patch Song Review Game fun singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders! Plant this assortment of veggies and let the kids "pick" the produce! Then, play a hot potato game and share these cute vegetable puns! Includes printable song helps.

Take on this twist on a classic hot potato game by bringing in an assortment of summer vegetables and build a little garden in your Primary room! I’m so excited to share this activity, because I spent a whole bunch … Read now

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