20 Baptism Singing Time Ideas

My choice song for February is Baptism, which I started introducing as part of February’s New Testament Primary Songs List! Today, I’m sharing 20 fun and easy to use Baptism Singing Time Ideas any music leader would love!

I’m excited to be doing a different baptism song, after back-to-back years of teaching When I Am Baptized. I love that other song, but I’m really ready for a change! This is a great song, too, so I’m excited to share this beautiful song with the kids.

Baptism Singing Time ideas and Lesson plans for the Primary Song Baptism - A helpful resource for LDS Primary Music Leaders and home study of Come, Follow Me.

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5 Baptism Teaching Ideas Packet

20 Baptism Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Shop Baptism Singing Time Packet

Score my 5 most popular ways to teach Baptism with extended bonus printables plus a art flip chart in one easy to use teaching packet in my shop! Or, you can purchase the printable on my Etsy shop here.

Baptism Flip Charts

I easily came up with nine different and unique lesson plans using my Song Planner Worksheet that will last me for the whole year! Pop over to grab that free printable, it’s a crucial resource!

3 different styles of Baptism flip chart color, fill in the keywords, and black and white

A great first place to start is with our Baptism flip chart to help in leading this song and for your Primary leaders, teachers, and visitors! You’ll find a variety of different styles to best fit your needs!

This song is included in the Children’s Songbook on page #100. You can find printable sheet music on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website here.

How do I teach the song Baptism?

An easy way to teach the song Baptism is start with the Rebus picture puzzles. Each picture represents one line of the song in a very visual way the kids can decode and deepen their understanding of the lyrics. Next, try the body rhythm which adds movement in a meaningful way.

After that, you can get help teaching Baptism with any of these fun lesson plans in this list! The line match and finger drawing activities would be a great next idea to help you teach the LDS song Baptism.

9 Baptism Singing Time Ideas

This post will help you find all of my Baptism teaching ideas around this blog. Plus, I’m also sharing additional favorite lesson plans from other Primary music leaders at the end of this post!

1. Baptism – Body Rhythm

LDS Baptism Song - Body Rhythm Pattern Singing Time activity and lesson plan for Primary Music Leaders. Also, a fun activity for LDS families home study of Come, Follow Me.

Try out this simple Baptism Body Rhythm pattern to add in movement and repetition easily! This no-prep activity will work just as well for any of the verse of the Baptism song.

Once you’ve tried the basic pattern, let your kids help you adapt the pattern and come up with a new challenge!

2. Baptism – Rebus

This fun Baptism Rebus activity for the popular LDS song is an easy low-prep activity for Primary Singing Time. Great resource for music leaders and parents!

Try a fun word puzzle with the Baptism song lyrics to help teach the words and build in lots of repetition.

I’ve created a free printable version for the first verse and second verse, but this could be extended to future verses, too. You can challenge the older kids or use the posters to help teach the lyrics. Grab our Baptism Rebus activity.

3. Baptism – Silent Video OR Special Arrangement

Baptism Song singing time idea special arrangement or silent video activity for Primary music leaders

Introduce the Baptism Song with a Special Arrangement! This can be a meaningful way to help the Primary kids connect with the song or even touch their hearts with the spirit of the song.

Another way to approach this activity is using the Bible Videos to present a silent video.

4. Baptism – Drumming the Beat

Baptism Drumming the Beat fun interactive way to use a drum in singing time to teach the Baptism Song with helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders

Have fun with the rhythm of the song with this easy and fun Baptism drumming activity! You don’t have to bring in an actual drum, instead you can use a hymn book, table, even the back of the chairs or their laps as they drum along with you.

5. Baptism – Line Match Game

Learn the Baptism song with this easy no-prep Primary Singing Time lesson plan and ideas! Perfect for Primary Music Leaders or LDS families for Come, Follow me home study! Free printable resources.

Fill in the song with this simple Baptism line matching game! You’ll post questions on one side of the whiteboard and pictures to match on the other side of the board, scrambled. Let the kids use a whiteboard marker to find the right match!

6. Baptism – Finger Drawing

Baptism Finger Drawing singing time ideas to teach the LDS Primary Song Baptism for music leaders with printable song helps for teaching!

Set up an imaginary canvas and let the kids help you “draw” the scene of the Baptism Song with this finger drawing activity! This is an especially good choice for younger children that love using their imagination!

You’ll use simple actions to draw your way through the song. I’ve included different ways to draw each of the 3 verses and extension activities, too.

7. Baptism – Rhythm Partners

Baptism Body Rhythm Partners singing time ideas including printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders teaching

Try a fun Baptism rhythm pattern with partners! This lesson plan includes 3 different patterns from simple to a challenge pattern to adapt to different ages. Plus, additional Primary activities to extend the lesson plan. Best of all, it works for all 3 verses!

8. Baptism – Picture the River

Baptism Song - Picture the River lesson plan and activity for Primary Singing Time music leaders and for home Come, Follow Me study for LDS families!

Help the Primary children to visualize the Jordan river and Jesus’ baptism day with this Picture the River lesson plan!

Bring in simple objects to help bring substance to the visualization and make Christ’s baptism more relatable to the children! Includes visual aids perfect for showing off the scene.

9. Baptism – Concentration

Baptism Song Concentration - a Primary Singing Time game and activity perfect for learning the song for LDS Primary music leaders including printable song helps for teaching

Do you remember that old school TV show where they would slowly reveal the picture and the contestants would try to guess what was being revealed? We’re bring back all that fun with this easy and fun Baptism Concentration Game! I’ve specifically designed this activity for the 2nd or 3rd verses!

11 More Baptism Singing Time Ideas

1. Baptism – Hand Bell Chart

LDS Song Baptism Hand Bell Chart - save 10% with code PrimarySinging on Merry Bells.

Merry Bells offers a Hand Bell Chart (or play-along DVD) for the song Baptism! It’s included in their Primary Songs Set #2. It’s transposed into the key of C so you can use their 8-set of bells without needing the additional bells! Use the promo code PrimarySinging for 10% off any purchase.

I love calling up one Primary class at a time, then switching to a new class to build in lots of repetition and it’s just so much fun!

2. Baptism – Ribbon Wands

Follow along with this sister’s video where she shares a ribbon wand pattern to use while learning the Baptism song!

20 Baptism Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Ribbon Wands

20 Baptism Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders ir?t=primarysinging 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07H9WJPZ9Don’t shy away from ribbon wands, even the boys secretly enjoy them!! You can get Ribbon Wands on Amazon here. They’re super flexible and easy to use in Primary! If you want to easily make your own patterns, you’ll fall in love with my Ribbon Wand Action Cards!

3. Baptism – Sing-Along Video

Let the children learn the song’s rhythm and feel with a sing-along video they can try their best to follow along karaoke style!

4. Baptism – Baptize Jesus

Primary Baptism song singing time idea baptize Jesus with this immersion hands on lesson plan for LDS Primary music leaders

Take a hands-on approach to teaching children what the word “immersion” means with this Baptism singing time idea to Baptized Jesus! It’s such a creative idea and a great way for those looking for a way to get the kids to dive into the lyrics. Get the printables and more details here.

5. Baptism – Rainbow Words

Teaching the Baptism LDS Primary song in singing time with this rainbow words printable activity

This idea randomizes with different color of the lyrics and you take off the words in rainbow order as you learn the song slowly taking away all the lyrics. See how to use this Baptism Rainbow Words idea plus a printable lyrics with color guide over on this blog!

6. Spoons Pattern (Facebook Group)

7. I Can Play It Baptism Sheet Music (LDS.org)

8. Baptism Rhythm Chart (Facebook Group)

9. Baptism Book (Facebook Group)

10. Color the Song (Facebook Group)

11. Sing-Along Book (Facebook Group)

I Will Follow God's Plan Singing Time Ideas - 30 fun ways to teach I Will Follow God's Plan for LDS Primary Music Leaders with lots of variety of learning methods including song visuals, printable helps, lesson plans, rhythm patterns, movement, melody map, and more!

Head over next to see all our I Will Follow God’s Plan singing time ideas!

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20 Baptism Singing Time ideas and Lesson plans for the Primary Baptism Song - A helpful resource for LDS Primary Music Leaders and home study of Come, Follow Me with printable song helps and hands-on activities for teaching Baptism song!

What other ideas do you have for teaching Baptism? Share them in the comments to add to this resource!

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