23 Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas

You’re going to love all of these fun and varied Thanksgiving Singing Time ideas and activities perfect to use in your Primary this November! There’s an assortment of activities from all about gratitude to Thanksgiving traditions and fun games your Primary children will love!

Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas fun activities perfectly themed for this fun holiday to use in November! A resource list of lesson plans for LDS Primary music leaders.

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Thanksgiving Song List

Full and extensive list of Primary Songs for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving with wonderful song picks for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time planning!

Head over to this master list post of more than 70 songs perfect for Fall or Thanksgiving Primary songs list! There’s a bit of everything from thankful songs to family gathering (family history) to reverence and more themes you’ll love to include this Fall!

12 Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas

This post will help you find all of my Fall and Thanksgiving teaching ideas around this blog. Plus, I’m also sharing additional favorite lesson plans from other Primary music leaders at the end of this post!

1. Fall Thank-FALL Leaves

So Thank Fall!! Cute printable Thankful leaves printable in a few different styles perfect for a lesson on gratitude or being thankful. Use this singing time idea to teach We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet LDS Primary Song or I am Thankful by Angie Killian or any song you choose. Free printable song helps for Primary Music Leaders and teachers.

Fill your Primary room with these adorable falling fall leaves in this Thank FALL Leaves Singing Time activity! There’s several different ways to use it to best fit your Primary’s needs.

2. Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey

Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey printable singing time activity and lesson plan on gratitude and blessings! Fun and easy craft for kids or for your Primary class.

You’ll love bringing it this colorful and fun hand drawn turkey into Singing Time to show off all the things your Primary is thankful for as they add feathers to the back of this Thanksgiving Thankful Turkey!

3. Thanksgiving Pick a Pie

Thanksgiving Pick a Pie Singing Time - Pick your favorite Thanksgiving Pie and sing through the song on the back of the pie. Plus, fun additional ways to play. Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Have fun with an assortment of yummy pies, everyone’s favorite part of Thanksgiving, with a bunch of different ways to use this Thanksgiving Pick a Pie activity including a pie face idea!

4. Thanksgiving Feast

This FUN Thanksgiving Feast Primary Idea is a cute way to review primary songs during November! Bring in pictures of favorite Thanksgiving foods with songs written on the back. Add items to your plate as you review! Printable singing time ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Hold your own Thanksgiving Feast in the Primary room with this cute themed activity all about food! It’s easy and straight to the point connecting one of the meal items with a song to sing perfect for the season.

5. Thanksgiving Word Search

Easy singing time idea -- Have some fun with this Thanksgiving-themed word search while singing primary songs about gratitude! Have the kids see how many words they can find and how many songs they recognize! Then, sing the fall songs as you go! Printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders. #LDS #Primary #Singingtime #Musicleader

Search for different Thanksgiving themed words and then sing a connected song in this fun and easy no-prep Thanksgiving Word Search activity.

6. Break a Wishbone

Thanksgiving Break a Wishbone fun singing time idea for November! Or, a great family activity for your Thanksgiving gatherings - the kids will love their chance to break a wishbone, too! Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Bring in this favorite Thanksgiving tradition and let the kids take their turn to Break a Turkey Wishbone! There’s an option for the winner (larger piece) to pick a song and the other helper (smaller piece) to help lead the song so both of the Primary children get to help in someway!

7. Hands of Thanks

Fun and easy gratitude activity to use at any time of the year or great for Thanksgiving! Write things you are thankful for and share them in singing time! Printable hands template for LDS Primary music leaders. A great activity for your last week in the calling to share your gratitude for the gospel and the Primary children!

Use these hand-drawn hands to share 5 things you’re thankful for and make a goal to say thanks each day – a great tie into hands and prayer in this Hands of Gratitude activity and Helping Hands idea. You can use the hands later to pick your next helper as you randomly draw one “helping hand.”

8. Thanksgiving Thankful Chain

Thanksgiving Thankful Chain - Create a Thankful Chain with paper chains in singing time and share what you're thankful for with this fall activity for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Make a simple Thanksgiving Thankful Chain with different things each child in the room is thankful for and hang it up in your Primary room! It will cheer up the room as you count down to Thanksgiving and share some of the different thankful things throughout the month.

9. Share the Harvest

Use this fun Thanksgiving Share the Harvest fall singing time idea to review any primary song! Pass the vegetables and share what you are thankful for! Fall Singing Time Idea for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Bring in a variety of fall vegetables and let the kids Share the Harvest in this fun Singing Time game! Just pass the pumpkin or the gourd and share a thankful quote as you follow one of the several ideas in the post for how to play!

10. Fall Bobbing for Apples

Fall Bobbing for Apples printable game page with 6 apples

This classic Bobbing for Apples game can come to life in your Primary room by letting the kids pick a laminated and floating apple in a bowl of water or pick one pinned up on a line in this beloved fall tradition!

11. Children All Over the World

Children All Over the World Song Pictures fun singing time idea to show different children with a keyword on each of 6 pictures to help you teach this song! Printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

A wonderful song to sing for Thanksgiving is Children All Over the World as you share the theme of gathering together with loved ones for Thanksgiving. This song is also perfect for sharing thank you in a variety of different languages which makes it so fun to teach for this holiday!

12. Hot & Cold Find the Turkey

Thanksgiving Hot & Cold singing time

A go to game that take NO prep is to play a game of Hot & Cold with a fall or Thanksgiving theme. You’l love my Hot & Cold Game Packet that includes 26 different cards to hide throughout the year including a Pumpkin, Turkey, and Fall leaves!

Hot & Cold singing time review game - Sing along with these fun themed occasion cards.

More Fall (& Halloween) Activities

I’ve included my MOST fall themed and Thanksgiving singing time ideas above, but I have even more activities with fall (and Halloween) theme in my other post. Specifically, you might like the pumpkin patch, pick a candy corn, I’ll link here.

Do you include holidays in Primary? Try these 20 easy LDS Halloween Singing Time ideas for themed fun for your lesson plans - helps for Primary Music Leaders. These activities will work with learning a new song or reviewing a mix of songs with a subtle Halloween theme.

11 More Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas

If you’re looking for even more inspiration, I’ve sourced some of my favorite ideas for other Primary Music Leaders to help you teach this song in fun and varied ways.

1. If You’re Happy – Thankful Things!

23 Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 1827 1

Sing through the cute song If You’re Happy and You Know it, but replace happy with thankful and let the kids pick one of these cute actions to pair with the song! This cute idea comes from The Primary Pad and you can grab the printable cue cards over on her blog here.

2. Roll & Draw a Turkey

23 Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders screen shot 2012 11 17 at 7 46 36 pm

The kids will think this cute Roll and Draw a Turkey activity is so fun, and it’s super easy, too. Just roll a dice and see which body part to add or draw and then sing through your song of choice. You can grab the free printable guide on Sunbeam Singing blog here.

3. Thanksgiving Headbandz Game

23 Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders thanksgiving turkey headbandz

Pick a variety of keywords from your song of choice and write them out on an index card. Then, Invite a child to wear their turkey feather headband. The rest of the Primary children will sing out the keyword extra loud! See if your helper can guess the missing word. See all the details on how to play this game over on i heart primary music.

4. Thanksgiving Giving Machine

23 Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Thanksgiving Giving Machine

This idea reminds me of the Light the World giving machines that come out in November and December and it’s a cute theme to tie into your November singing time activities! Fill your giving machine with things to be thankful and then sing a song that coordinates. Find the original idea and more details in this Facebook post here.

5. Thanksgiving Turkey Spin

23 Thanksgiving Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Turkey Spin Thanksgiving singing time

Use a cute spinner with a turkey theme! Each color represent to sing a song, say something you’re thankful for, or learn how to say thank you in a different language! See all the details in Charity’s facebook post here.

6. Search the Turkey Guts (Facebook Group)

7. Dig for Songs in a Pile of Leaves (Facebook Group)

8. Brother Turkey (Facebook Group)

9. Turkey Hunt (Facebook Group)

10. Hit the Turkey (Primarily Singing Blog)

11. Thankful Tree (Facebook Group)

More than 100 Christmas Singing Time Ideas with fun ideas to work for teaching Christmas songs of your choice or browse through the singing time ideas by song title! Huge resource list for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

For more activities for the holidays, see these 100+ Christmas Singing Time ideas!

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Thanksgiving Singing Time ideas so many fun activities and ideas to teach about gratitude and a thankful heart this November in your Primary! A resource list of lots of different activities for LDS Primary music leaders and teachers. Including break a turkey wishbone, so thank-fall leaves, build a thankful turkey full of colorful feathers, pick a thanksgiving pie slice or pie face game and many others!

What other fun singing time ideas have you tried? We’d love to see your fun ideas! Share them in the comments to add to this list.

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