Singing Time Monthly Plan – August 2019

August Singing Time Ideas

July really took a toll on me! With a couple weeks of travel and then a kidney stone, I’ve been out of commission! Without further ado, here’s what I’ve got in the works for August! Since our Primary Program is …

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Singing Time Monthly Plan – July 2019

Alright, July, here goes nothing! I’m going to be traveling a couple weeks in July, so I decided to ditch my earlier plans and pencil in some fun and easy review games that I could easily leave with my Primary …

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Singing Time Monthly Plan – June 2019

I can hardly believe that summer is here! Summer can be a little challenging with families out on vacation and missed weeks. Since I teach the program songs all year long, I’m not too worried about the summer slump, though! …

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Singing Time Monthly Plan – May 2019

It’s halfway through the “year” now for learning your program songs. How is your Primary doing? We’re still chugging along at a great pace. I think for my Primary they know 9 out of our 10 program songs good/great depending …

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Singing Time Monthly Plan – April 2019

Singing time lessons april

Can you guys believe we’ve already blown through the first quarter of the year? It’s seriously going so fast for me! I always look forward to April with the warmer weather starting to appear and Easter coming up quickly, plus …

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6 Singing Time Ideas for Our Time to Shine

Our Time to Shine Singing Time Ideas

Today, I’m sharing some ideas I used to teach Our Time to Shine Primary Song way back as a brand new chorister! What a fun flashback to the “early days”. —> Click to Pin/Save This Post! <— Our Time to …

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Our Time to Shine – Scripture Heroes

Our Time to Shine Scripture Heroes sq

This lesson plan is all about introducing who the scripture heroes are that we sing about in the Primary song Our Time to Shine. If you haven’t heard this song yet, you can learn all about it including a music …

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Singing Time Monthly Plan – March 2019

I’m looking forward to March and a couple of weeks off sprinkled throughout the month. I have Stake Conference in March and I’ll also be out of town two week and with General Conference, too, there will be some different …

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8 Singing Time Ideas for Baptism

Baptism Song Primary Singing Time Ideas sq

My choice song for February is Baptism, which I started introducing in my January lesson plans! I’m excited to be doing a different baptism song, after back-to-back years of teaching When I Am Baptized. I love that other song, but …

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