12 Visual Intrigue Activities for Singing Time

Some children can’t just hear the song, they need to visually see it to really help remember the words as well as the meaning of the song. You can reach your visual learners with these fun activities we’ll outline today!

Another great resource is using flip charts to help teach the song to add visual cues for these learners.

This post also helps break down and explain some of the different activities outlined in my Song Planner Worksheet, that makes planning a Year of Singing Time Lessons a cinch!

12 different Visual Intrigue activities for singing time and lesson plan ideas you can adapt to any song based on using the visual learning style! Perfect for LDS Primary Singing Time music leaders and for homeschool moms!

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Visual Intrigue Activities
for Singing Time

1. Playdoh creations

Grab a pack of small Playdoh tubs in a variety of colors and then come up with a few simple prompts using keywords from your song choice.

Then let the kids take turns molding one of the shapes while the rest of the Primary sings. Share their creations, then rotate helpers for the next round.

My Heavenly Father Loves Me - A fun playdoh creations game to teach this wonderful primary song - great lesson plan for LDS music leaders / choristers! Printable playmats and directions. #LDS #Imamormon #Primary #PrimaryChorister #MusicLeader #SingingTime

2. Art / Drawing

I highly recommend investing in a big box of markers for the Primary room as well as a 24-ct of Crayola crayons for each class (4-5 boxes stored in the Primary closet).

12 Visual Intrigue Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Singing Time 05770

3. Song Picture Puzzle

A puzzle can be a great way to add both visual interest and some critical thinking as the kids work to unscramble the picture and complete the puzzle! It’s a great low-prep activity that makes it easy to repeat the song over and over!

Printable Puzzles activity and lesson plan ideas for Come Follow My Hymn! Perfect for Primary Music Leaders or for LDS home bible study.

4. Oops, I dropped the pictures

Pick out some pictures to represent the song. Start to hold them up like you are going to share the pictures with the class. Then, clumsily drop all the pictures, messing them up all out of order!

Ask the children to come up to help you gather up the pictures and put them in order. You’ll quickly have a bunch of eager helpers holding the posters for you. Then, switch out for new helpers as you repeat the song!

Oops I Dropped the Pictures

I did this activity for Come, Follow Me as part of my January 2019 Lesson Plan. I just picked a bunch of pictures I liked from the Bible Video images in the LDS Media Library and the Gospel Art Kit.

Order didn’t matter, in this case, and I let the kids pick which picture they liked best from the two-sided images!

12 Visual Intrigue Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders A Childs Prayer Dropped the Pictures 20220205 150516

5. Draw the song

Get the kids really bringing out their creative skills as they draw their own version of the Primary song! They’ll be really focusing on those words as they work to create images and icons to represent the words.

12 Visual Intrigue Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Singing Time Posts 06002

6. Magic Crayon

Let the kids use their imagination as they “draw” on their virtual canvas with. Create a plan with simple symbols to represent the words. Then, draw the song together up in the air as you sing through the different verses!

Baptism Song - Finger Drawing an easy NO prep activity for Primary Singing Time - lesson plan for Music Leaders and also super fun for LDS parents with Come, Follow Me!

7.Video clip / story

Engage several of their senses with a video! Kids are always completely drawn in to the TV, so use it to your advantage.

You can share a short and meaningful video clip that relates to your song study. Then, tie in the video with singing the song and a special message!

12 Visual Intrigue Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders My Heavenly Father Loves Me Sights Sounds Video Lesson sq

8.What’s in the bag

Bring in a variety of objects to help represent the different words or phrases throughout the song. Keep them hidden inside a bag or even a wrapped box to add intrigue, just like we’ve done in this Away in a Manger Gifts of Christmas activity!

Let the kids try to guess what might be inside by touch. Then reveal them and talk about how the correlate with the song. You can even then skip the word/phrase the object represents when singing through the song for more interaction!

12 Visual Intrigue Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders sq whats in the bag away in a manger

9. Finger lights

Finger lights are a super inexpensive prop that are so much fun to add visual interest and excitement into your Primary room! Use them to draw visual intrigue and point out a spiritual message at the same time!

See how we have a fun and exciting singing time using finger lights to teach The Holy Ghost!

finger lights for singing time

10. Painting

Bringing in something new to the Primary room is always exciting for the kids! Why not use water paints for a completely engrossing singing time activity!

You’ll have all the hands up eager to help as you let the kids take turns with 2-5 helpers at a time (depending on Primary size).

Come Follow Me Painting Lesson Plan - Paint, color, or trace these pictures of Christ's life as you introduce the hymn, Come, Follow Me. Or use this lesson plan idea in your home bible study! Great for LDS families and Primary Music Leaders.

11. Object Lesson

Bring in an object lesson to help demonstrate a lesson or concept. Look through science activity books for great new ideas such as fizzing water and “melted” skittles!

You’ll have all eyes glued on you as you have fun with an object lesson that helps the children have experiences with the song that will stick with them for life!

12 Visual Intrigue Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Singing Time Posts 06150

12. Picture Match

Hidden pairs is a simple game but can be a great way to engage everyone in the Primary room! Let the children take turns looking for matches and then tie all the picture matches back to their central purpose — how they relate to the song you’re learning!

12 Visual Intrigue Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Singing Time Posts 05927

More Learning Style Activities

This is the sixth post out of a series of 8 posts on teaching by learning styles! The next post will share ideas on using Word Representations in your Singing Time activities! You can also head back to the previous post on People Interaction Activities!

You can see all our posts that use Visual Activities under this category landing page.

Grab the free printable Song Planner Worksheet to make planning engaging activities a cinch — here!

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

What other visual intrigue activities do you use in Singing Time? 

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