12 Representation of Words Activities for Singing Time

There are those learners that need to physically see the words and find them represented in meaningful ways to help them understand the song best. This learning style depends on concrete representation of words activities to help them connect with the songs.

This post also helps break down and explain some of the different activities outlined in my Song Planner Worksheet, that makes planning a Year of Singing Time Lessons a cinch!

12 Representation of Words Primary Singing Time Ideas and Activities for Primary music leaders / choristers! Teach them with the different learning styles in this series post! #lds #singingtime #primary

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Concrete Representation of Words
Activities for Singing Time

1. Action words

Come up with simple actions to represent keywords throughout the song. Meaningful and strong actions that form a sort of “dance” as you sing through the song can create a really powerful link to the words that will make them easier to remember!

This is one of my very favorite singing time activities that I do almost without thinking about it anymore as I “lead” the song with actions.

Search Ponder and Pray Action Words simple no-prep activity for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time!

2. Eraser Pass

Offer a series of options for the keywords in the song. Then, the children can come up to either erase or cross out words that aren’t correct as the rest of the Primary sings through the song.

I’m obsessed with using King Sized Sharpies for this activity! I like having everything all typed up and ready, but you can also use the whiteboard and colorful expo markers!

My Heavenly Father Loves Me - Not That Word Game for Primary Singing Time music leaders / choristers

3. Concentration Match Game

Put letters, numbers, colors, or words up on the board. Children will pick a number and that card will be removed, showing one piece of the picture.

The group will try to guess what the picture is below. See our Baptism Concentration Game activity to see some easy ways to add challenges to this game and even more interaction with the puzzle! 

Baptism Song Concentration - a Primary Singing Time game and activity perfect for learning the song! #lds #primary #singingtime #baptism

4. Choose the Missing Word

Use symbols to represent missing words and make it a logic puzzle and word problem in one! This fun and simple swap on filling in the blanks you’ll see below adds an interesting twist and a fun excuse to add some hand actions or rhythm patterns while you’re at it!

See how we pulled it all together in this Missing Words lesson plan for Choose the Right Way.

Use this activity to introduce Choose the Right Way or as a meaningful review activity. It hits on a variety of learning styles while being engaging and fun! I'll be using this activity during the 2nd week of January, two other easy activities. See my full Singing Time lesson plan for January here! Choose the Right Way Missing Words How to Play: - Post the Missing Words signs. - Sing through Choose the Right Way, asking the kids to pay attention to the chart to see if they can find the missing word(s). You can use first option for Junior with just a single missing word, or do the slightly harder version for both Junior and Senior Primary. - When they’ve discovered the key and found all the missing words, have the kids sing ONLY the missing words. Then sing ONLY the written words, skipping all the symbols. - Add a different action for each of the missing words, such as: Right: Patsch Way: Snap Happy: Double Clap (one for each syllable) Choose: Stomp (Double stomp for “choosing”) Key: _ _ _ _ _ = RIGHT > > > = WAY * * * * * = HAPPY ++++++ = Choosing/Choose Choose the Right Way Missing Words Lesson Plan This Choose the Right Missing Words lesson is a fun and engaging activity that really drives home the keywords of the song! It uses logical conclusions and words as they puzzle through the initial activity. Then, transform the activity into a meaningful movement activity with simple actions as you sing through the song. Click here ---> to Print Choose the Right Way Missing Word Lesson - A fun no-prep movement lesson plan for LDS Primary Music Leaders! Correlates with the Come, Follow Me Curriculum.

5. Fill-in-the-Blank

This oh-so-simple idea is actually a ton of fun! It’s a great challenge for the older kids to have them pay close attention to the words as they’ll need to fill-in the missing blank words!

Plus, it’s easy to adapt for younger children by adding pictures for the blanks, like we did in this fun Pick a Picture activity for Tell me the Stories of Jesus!

We'll Bring the World His Truth LDS Primary singing time ideas for music leaders with printable song helps

6. Foreign Language

Get creative with words by adding in a whole new language! Learning a different language can actually help make meaningful connections with the original words.

They’ll form connections that link the words meanings and their small differences in definitions that add new insights to the words! American Sign Language is always a favorite, but other languages can be fun, too! Here’s a few to try: 

  • American Sign Language
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German

See how we’re using different languages for repeating phrases in this Keep the Commandments lesson plan!

Have fun singing Keep the Commandments, the LDS Primary song, with a fun twist -- foreign languages! Try one of these alternate language phrase for Keep the Commandments during Primary Singing Time or home Come, Follow Me study! #LDS #SingingTime #Primary #ComeFollowMe

7. Puzzle Letter/Words

Create a puzzle out of the individual letters or words! This works perfectly as a small group activity or you could make one up for each child if you have a small group.

I created a simple word puzzle game for I Know My Father Lives that we’ll be doing this year! 

I Know My Father Lives Word Puzzle singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders teaching this song

8. Scrambled Words

Scrambling up words up on the board is a great way to review a variety of songs! Simply scramble up the song title or even the a key phrase from the song for a harder challenge.

Number the songs or write them in a different color and then have the children pick a number/color and try to tell you the correct title or phrase! Then, sing through the song together. Here’s some examples: 

  • Sejus em lveso sethgemaen (song phrase from Gethsemane)
  • I nokw ym Fthare iLevs (I Know My Father Lives – Song title)
  • was the Christ when earth on (first line from The Holy Ghost)
Primary Song Scramble fun review game for LDS Primary music leaders singing time planning ideas and activities with printable helps

9. Unscramble word strips

Cut up those basic black and white flip charts to create an engaging puzzle game! In small groups, the children can try to put the lyrics in order. This is harder than it sounds and will create some strong singers out of the group as you repeat the song over and over while they unscramble.

Extend the activity with a fun popcorn singing affect like we did with the If the Savior Stood Beside Me Unscramble activity

If the Savior Stood Beside Me Word Strips Game singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders teaching this song

10. “Hangman” Blanks

Pick out one keyword at a time. Write a small line for each letter of the word up on the board creating your blanks. Have the kids guess letters until they can guess the word.

Add the next keyword until they have enough words to be able to guess the song! This is the perfect no-prep backup idea every Primary Music Leader needs in their back pocket!!

The Holy Ghost Hangman Blanks - a fun no prep Primary singing time idea for music leaders! A go-to activity every chorister needs in their back pocket! #lds #primary #singingtime

11. Word Search

Make a custom word searching using the keywords from the songs you’re learning! They kids will love searching for the keywords while you learn and sing through the song.

Plus, it will lend to easily adding in some movement and skip singing through the song, see what I mean in the Search, Ponder and Pray Word Search activity

Search Ponder and Pray Word Search singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders teaching this song

12. Crossword Puzzle

Bring it all back to another classic word game with a crossword puzzle! This will be a fun way to talk about the keywords in the song while having an interactive game, and maybe even a little competition!

Then, have the kids sing only the keywords from the crossword in the song, skipping all the other filler words. This type of activity is also perfect for in the home or church classroom setting!

Printable Search, Ponder & Pray Crossword Puzzle game for LDS Families and Primary Music Leaders. Great resource for Come, Follow Me home study.

More Learning Style Activities

This is the second to last post in our 8-post series on teaching by learning styles! The next post will be our final one and will share ideas on using Spiritual Connections in your Singing Time activities!

You can also head back to the previous post on Visual Intrigue Activities!

You can see all our posts that use Representation of Words Activities under this category landing page.

Grab the free printable Song Planner Worksheet to make planning engaging activities a cinch — here!

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

What other concrete word activities do you use in Singing Time? 

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