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Hello, I’m so glad you’ve found this blog! I’m excited to help you get ready for your Singing Time with lesson plans, games, ideas, and inspiration. Here’s a quick guide to finding your way around Primary Singing to make the most of this website.

New Primary Music Leaders

Get started with this post to encourage you on your new calling, and help you with resources around the web: 5 Things Every New Primary Music Leader Should Know.

The questions I see asked the most in Facebook groups about Singing Time are all about: Am I doing enough? What should my Singing Time look like? How many songs should I teach each week? We’re all completely different in how we might lead and conduct. But this post I’ve shared, with an
Example of a Typical Singing Time, will be really helpful in showing you how I typically use the ideas I share here. You can, of course, adapt any of the activities to fill the whole Singing Time block if needed.

Another helpful place to start is to check out the Learning Styles tab. There I share information about the different learning styles people use to learn and remember things with a link to 12 games/ideas/activities for each learning style!

You’ll also want to check out this post on recommended supplies for Music Leaders!

Helpful Posts for New
Primary Music Leaders:

Planning for Singing Time:

All About Flip Charts:

Other Ideas & Resources:

In My Shop:

Most everything on this blog is completely free to use for your own personal and church use! I did create some printable cards for using manipulatives that have been very popular and took a ton of time to create! To help subsidize the huge amount of time I spend sharing ideas here, I have these specific couple of files available for sale. Thanks for supporting a small business!

Navigating Primary Singing

Singing Time Outlines:

The Singing Time Outlines page is a landing page to help direct you to posts by the yearly outline and by song. You can click on the song you’re looking for and it will direct you to the archives for all posts tagged with that category. Be sure to flip back to previous pages for all the lesson plans under each archives page!

Monthly Singing Time Schedule:

Watch for our posts with our monthly outline of songs, games, and lesson plans we’ll be using. This will help you see an idea of how you can arrange and plan for your 20 minutes of Singing Time.

Learning Styles:

Sort my posts by the type of learning style you are looking for. This is a great way to find new ideas (or learn how to implement some of the ideas from my song planner worksheet). Even if the lesson plan covers a different song, you can slightly adapt the idea to fit the songs you are working on for the year!

Be sure to visit the learning styles landing page!! It has a quick link to all the posts I’ve shared that explain the different types of learning styles with 12 different ideas you can easily implement and use with ANY Primary song!

Flip Charts:

On the Flip Charts landing page, you’ll find all the printable flip charts we’ve created for the songs I’ve taught and used in Primary. There are flip charts for the program songs, wiggle songs, as well as fun printables (with fill-in-the-blank dry erase spots) for birthday and welcome songs!

Singing Time Games & Ideas:

Visit the Games & Ideas page to search for different games and lesson plans by type. Our list is broken down by type – learn the song, review the song, practice a mix of songs, and even ideas for Senior Primary and by seasons!

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Singing Time Ideas to Your Inbox!

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