Primary Songs List for Come, Follow Me: New Testament

I started this blog right in time to start covering all of the New Testament Come, Follow Me Primary songs! However, I was released right after our Primary Program in October 2019. So you’ll see a TON of resources for the New Testament year, but I hope to continue adding all the other ideas I stacked up for specific songs and from previous years as a primary music leader. 

Those singing time plans linked are gold! You can use them to help model your year moving forward, but also be sure to check out how I planned a year of singing time lessons up front in about an hour and also our singing time planning worksheet that’s incredibly helpful, too! 

Plus, see our Suggested Song List that gives no overlap of the songs across all 4 years of the Come, Follow Me rotation!

Come, Follow Me – New Testament

All Come, Follow Me – New Testament Songs

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