30+ FUN Valentine’s Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary

There are SO many fun ways to include Valentine’s Day Singing Time Ideas into your Primary planning in February! We love to include Valentine’s Day ideas because they fit in so well with a TON of the Primary songs!

You can plan to include any of these ideas in ANY Sunday in February! Or, pick the week either before, after, or both closest to Valentine’s Day. In 2024 that’s February 11th or February 18th.

Did you know that there are over 60 Primary Songs about LOVE? Pop ovfer to that post to make your own perfect list to including in your Valentine’s Day Singing Time Ideas in February – the month of love!

30 Valentine’s Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary

Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas fun activities perfectly themed for this fun holiday to use in February! A resource list of lesson plans for LDS Primary music leaders.

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1. Valentine’s Day Spot It Game

This adorable Valentine’s Day Spot It game is perfect for singing time! Each of the symbols coordinates with a pre-selected Primary Song with a Valentine’s Day theme. Or, you can customize your song list and pick what the symbols will represent for a completely customized singing time! If you have extra time, let them come up with actions to match the spot it shapes!

Valentine's day singing time ideas play a cute spot it and sing it game with 2 ways to play

Head over to grab the printable Valentine’s Day Spot It + Sing It game! It includes 13 printable cards and even smaller cards that can be used in your Come Follow Me lessons or at home with your kids!

2. Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe Game

How cute is this idea for a tic tac toe game for Valentine’s Day Singing Time! You can use it with a mix of a whole bunch of Valentine’s Day themed Primary songs or you can have a competition that focuses on singing 2 or 3 songs with a back and forth battle of the x’s and the hearts!

30+ FUN Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Valentines Day Tic Tac Toe 20220209 105713

Head over to this post to get our printable Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe game!

3. Primary Love Songs Word Search

Kids always enjoy a Valentine’s Day word search and this one couldn’t be cuter! It weaves in 15 keywords that corelate with a bunch of different Valentine’s Day Primary Songs so you can add in exposure to a ton of different songs about love! This would be a fun game for your Senior Primary kiddos.

Primary Songs Valentine Word Search printable game Valentine's day singing time ideas including a variety of songs about love

There’s a large format Valentine’s Day Word Search across 4-pages or print out the single page printable for small group settings like your Come Follow Me lesson! There are several ways to play to fit what works best for your group. You could also write the letters up on a large poster board.

4. Love Rash & Singing Heart Measles

Have you ever played the Singing Measles game in Primary? I’ve got 2 fun ways to play a game of Singing Measles with a Valentine’s Day theme!! Have love spread throughout your Primary room with cute heart stickers! You’ll be able to keep this fun activity going for a long time, especially if you have a lot of kids to participate!

This fun Valentine's Day Love Rash and Singing Measles activity is a fun way to review any primary song by awarding singers with singing measles for LDS Primary Music Leaders Come Follow Me New Testament.

Head over to see how to play either Love Rash or Singing Measles for Valentine’s Day!

5. Write Love Notes in Primary

You can use a few minutes of your Singing Time to incorporate writing Primary Love Notes valentines! Your subject (who you are writing Valentines to) could be anyone! I even have a cute template you can use, with 3 different options, and a few different ways to play to incorporate this easy no-fuss idea into Primary!

Primary Love Notes Valentine's day singing time ideas

Have the children draw one thing they LOVE about Primary and then post them all over the board! Or heart attack your person / group of choice!

6. Magic Paper Towel Art

Have you ever seen Magic Paper Towel art? You color a picture on one side of a paper towel and it magically appears in water! It’s super exciting and thrilling to see the hidden scene reveal! It would be a super fun idea and a good way to sing through a variety of your song choices for Valentine’s Day!

30+ FUN Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Valentines Day Magic Paper Towel Art12

Pop over to this post to see these Valentine’s Day Magic Paper Towel Art templates and ideas.

7. Play Singing Cupid

Spend Valentine’s Day reviewing a Primary song you’re working on or include a mix of Primary songs, either way works! Then, just have the kids sing through the song with this fun Singing Cupid game! All the instructions and printable cupid are over in that post.

He Sent His Son Singing Cupid singing time idea

8. Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolates

To sing through a fun variety of songs in an easy way, you’ll adore this Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolates activity! Plus, there’s a few alternate ideas to sing through a single song on repeat and even a Valentine’s day inspired Truth, Sing or Dare game!

Valentine's Day Box of Chocolates - Fun and cute way to pick a song or a way to sing. Plus, a unique Truth, Sing or Dare game with love themed prompts! Includes a suggested list of songs for the holiday or pair this activity with your own song list. Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

9. I Love Getting to Know You

Are you a new Primary Music Leader? Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun way to better get to know the Primary children! There’s often a lot of turnover in this calling the very end of the year (after the Primary Program and leading into a new year). Valentine’s day is a great way to focus on getting to know your Primary children!

Getting to Know You Printable Survey - Fun questionnaire for LDS Primary Music Leaders or Come Follow Me for Primary Sunday School teachers! Includes a section for them to fill-in their favorites and then a section to pick which they prefer in a would you rather game! Easy ideas to use this in singing time as well.

I designed this adorable survey with some fun ideas for using it in singing time! Head over to grab this I Love Getting to Know You Primary Survey!

10. Valentine’s Day Singing Time Coupons

You’ll adore these Valentine’s Day Singing Time Coupons and lesson plan! Just hide coupons around the room and as you find each coupon, you’ll redeem the coupon and sing through the song of your choice following the way to sing or action included! Plus, there’s a couple bonus coupons like one free hug and the child’s song choice!

Valentine's Day Singing Time Coupons fun interactive way to sing through songs as you find different coupons to redeem to add a fun way to sing or action! Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

11. Dance Scarves Valentine’s Day Singing Time Ideas

My favorite manipulative to use during Singing Time for Valentine’s Day is dance scarves! They’re perfect to use with slow and pretty music and add so much fun and color while leading the music! You can pick up a set of Dance Scarves on Amazon for really cheap!

Dance Scarves Movement Cards

You can simply have the children help you “lead” the music with a dance scarf in hand and sing through your choice of Valentine’s Day Primary Songs. Or, head over and grab our Dance Scarves Movement Cards to give you so much fun variety and make instant patterns on the spot with the kids help.

12. LOVE from the Primary Presidency

Have each of your Primary Presidency come up to share a short (30 seconds or so) message on something they LOVE about working in Primary! Remind the presidency that this should be a very short message to keep the focus on singing!

I Feel My Savior's Love custom art flip chart in multiple sizes, portrait and landscape color and black and white printable PDF visuals and lyrics. Singing time helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Then, have the Primary Presidency member share their favorite Primary song about love. Have the Primary sing the song together, then repeat with the next presidency member. This is a great way to add a little bit of Valentine’s Day to your Singing Time, without making it take over your whole 20 minutes! I will probably use up about 8-10 minutes.

You can prepare ahead of time with the songs the will be suggesting so your pianist has time to prepare and you can have a Flip Chart for the Primary Songs your children don’t know very well ready.

More Valentine’s Day Singing Time Ideas

Still searching for the perfect activity for your Valentine’s Day singing time? You don’t have to go out of your way to make something that’s purely Valentine related to make it a hit and still incorporate just a little bit of LOVE for the holiday.

One easy way to do that is to just pick a song that you’re already planning to teach as part of your Come Follow Me Primary Songs for the year. Then, you can browse through all of the ideas to find Valentine’s Day singing time ideas that naturally work with songs that are already about love! Here’s a few ideas from this blog to get you started:

I Feel My Savior's Love - Word Map activity, idea, game and lesson plan for Primary Singing Time! Perfect for LDS Music Leaders or even for home study of Come, Follow Me!

Pass out Valentines in Primary!

Consider sharing a Printable Valentine’s Day card with your Primary Kids!

30+ FUN Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Color by Number Valentine a 01126 650x432 1

One cute way to show the Primary children how much you care for them is to pass out simple valentines to each of the kids. It doesn’t have to be over the top, in fact I usually make my own each year!

I’ve shared a whole bunch of printable Valentine’s Day cards over on my parenting blog, but I’ll link to my most favorite here that will work for Primary:

Berry Drink Printable Valentines Day Card

Primary Music Leader Valentine’s Day Singing Time Ideas

Now, I’ve got even MORE awesome ideas! This activities were created by other Primary Music Leaders (Primary Chorister). To help you pick out the perfect activity for your Primary room, I’ve included my favorite ideas sourced from these other creative ladies!

Heart Attack the Missionaries!

Look at this other cute idea by Katie Troy! Similar to our Heart Measles above, you can bring in the Missionaries or whoever else you want to “cover in love”!

12 singing time ideas for Valentine's Day - Heart attack the missionaries!

Pass out cutout hearts for participation or after reach song you sing and let the kids cover them in hearts! The kids will sing their hearts out!!

Valentine’s Day Singing Time Conversation Hearts

Aim for cute conversation hearts with different song titles on the back! The boys will especially love taking a shot like cupid and seeing if they can hit one of the conversation hearts!

30+ FUN Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders 7298c7 0d4d93df9bf6437eab8b72f4792e5c25mv2

Valentine’s Day Singing Time Ideas Punch Board

A punch board is SUCH a cute way to include Valentine’s Day in Singing Time! You can include slips of paper inside with song titles (or make it a surprise with just the song number written on red paper) or fun challenges to mix up the singing time activities! Plus, include a small treat if you’d like to or something fun like stickers!

Primary Singing Time Punch Board for Valentine's Day

See instructions on how to make a Valentine’s Day punch board over at The Hungry Homemaker DIY Punch a Prize Game post!

Valentine’s Day Mailbox Riddles

This adorable mailbox idea was created by Laura Williams and is shared here with permission. Didn’t it turn out so cute? Just create simple riddles for each of your songs and pop them into a mailbox. Then, let the kids pick an envelope, solve the riddle, and then sing through the song together.

30+ FUN Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders valentines day mailbox 1
Here are some sample riddles to get you started:
  • Teach Me To Walk in the Light – “Birds learn to fly. Bunnies learn to hop. But when I was little, I learned to walk.”
  • Follow the Prophet – “Roses are Red, Violets are pink, I’ll follow this person, what do you think?”
  • I Know My Father Lives – “I know my ABC’s, I know my 123’s, I know Santa gives, and I know My…”
30+ FUN Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders valentines day poems 1

Valentine’s Day Bean Bag Toss

If you want to add in a whole bunch of Valentine’s Day Primary songs and aren’t picky about which ones you sing, look at this SO cute Valentine’s Day Bean Bag toss idea by Ashlee Nelson! Didn’t it turn out to cute!

If the kids make a toss into the hole, they get to sing their choice of ANY Primary song. They can use the songs listed for ideas, or pick their favorite song.

Thank you Ashlee for letting me share your cute idea and picture!

Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas - LDS Primary Songs cornhole game!

This game is similar to our Pin the Primary song posters, which is a perfect activity to keep ready for a sub or those busy weeks you didn’t have time to plan!

Head over next to find tons of fun and cute St Patrick’s Day singing time ideas! There’s something for everyone in this group including ideas to use with any song or a fun themed song list to match the holiday!

30+ FUN Valentine's Day Singing Time Ideas for Primary Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders sq St Patricks Day Singing Time Ideas

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What do you have planned for your Valentine’s Day Singing Time?

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