Primary Flip Charts for Singing Time

I love flip charts! I think they’re super helpful to get teachers and kids to sing that otherwise might not. I don’t use flip charts for every song, every week, but I do use a flipchart for every song at least a few times while teaching and while reviewing songs.

Book of Mormon Flip Chart Bundle!

If you want to jump right ahead and know that you’ll want the entire collection, you can pickup a set that includes 26 different Book of Mormon Flip Charts with custom illustrations that perfectly match each line of the song in my shop! It includes various print sizes and both color and black and white printables to best fit your needs.

Book of Mormon Flip Charts MEGA Bundle! Includes 26 flip charts for songs from the Come Follow Me Book of Mormon song lists. This set will help you be prepared to teach songs from this list all through the year!

Head over to see the entire Book of Mormon Flip Chart collection in my shop here. This bundle set is also available in my Etsy shop here.

Book of Mormon Flip Charts MEGA Bundle! Includes 26 flip charts for songs from the Come Follow Me Book of Mormon song lists. This set will help you be prepared to teach songs from this list all through the year!

Alphabetical List of Primary Flip Charts

Find all your LDS Primary flipcharts for your upcoming singing time lessons here! Sorted in alphabetical order to help you quickly and easily find the flip charts you’ll need for your lesson plans!

The links here will take you to a separate post for each song so that you can pick between the different flip chart style that will best fit your needs. Not every song includes all of these styles, but you’ll find a mix of these options per song:

The Iron Rod Flip Chart with custom art illustrations darling pictures with lyrics to help you teach this hymn in Primary! A great printable resource for LDS Primary Music Leaders for Singing Time or for home Come Follow Me study.
  1. Custom Art Flip charts – these include all the flip chart orientations and styles you could want with condensed and expanded spacing, printable in both portrait and landscape, and even with black and white (color-in style) and slideshow options!
  2. Colorful traditional flip chart
  3. Black and white landscape flip chart
  4. Color-in flip chart (more coming soon!)
  5. Slideshow flip chart

You’ll read through the post and find the options to download your preferred format at the bottom of the post! If you haven’t created a free Primary Singing PLUS+ account yet, you’ll need to do so in order to unlock the in-post printables.

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What is a Flip Chart?

Flip Charts, in Primary, as are series of pages of the song lyrics, and often images, that help the children follow along while learning a new song. The name comes because Primary music leader and choristers have often held them up and flip from page to page as you sing through the song.

Primary flip charts can be a really helpful visual aids to use when introducing a song for the first time or if you’re singing a song, such as for an opening song, that you don’t plan to work on much but still want the kids to feel confident in singing along!

Primary flip charts for singing time - free printable flipcharts for Primary music leaders to teach a new song with ease! Available in 3 formats.

Because I think simplicity and ease is best – I aim all my flip charts to be as condensed as possible. That means, fewer pages to stumble through and try to flip along during the song, but that still present the words and a picture or two for interest. Hopefully, these flip charts will come in handy and useful for you.

These are designed for primary school-aged children (3-11) with a nice bold font that’s easy to ready and colorful key words to add interest! Keep in mind, while most of Junior Primary children cannot read, it does help the adult leaders and older kids singing along.

You can find the sheet music for the Primary flip charts featured here in the Children’s Songbook by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or songs created by private composers sheet music is linked on the individual flip chart posts.

Using Flip Charts in Primary

Primary flip charts can be a really helpful tool and while I don’t use flip charts every week, I do love to keep a flip chart on hand for each song because I use them in so many ways! For example, see this post on 10 Singing Time Ideas Using Flip Charts! This is a perfect way to come up with easy lesson plans for a substitute!

Singing Time Ideas Using Flip Charts

I have even come up with some nifty Tips & Tricks for Using Flip Charts in Primary even easier! Like writing the lyrics on the bag of the page so the music leader can easily follow along, not stumble over the words, and know right when to flip the page! I love storing my printed Primary flip charts in a 3-ring binder for easy access!

Primary Flip Charts for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Singing Time Flipcharts 04946

Plus, if you don’t find all the Primary flip charts you need for the year here on my site, you can learn how I made them (and a fun way I use flip charts) in this helpful post on How to Make & Use Flip Charts!

Primary Flip Charts for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders sq How to Make Flip Charts edited

Christmas Primary Songs Flip Charts

For quick access to all of our Christmas Flip Charts, here’s an alphabetical list of all the printables I’ve made so far for a variety of Primary Christmas songs from the Children’s songbook, Hymn book, and LDS composers!

Primary Christmas Songs Flip Chart Bundle! Grab the custom art lyrics flipchart for 15 favorite songs to teach in Singing Time for LDS Primary music leaders and families this holiday season including: - Away in a Manger - Born to Be a King - Born to Bring Us Joy - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing - Little Lord Jesus - Once Within a Lowly Stable - Picture a Christmas - Prince of Peace - Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus - Sleep Little Jesus - Stars Were Gleaming - The Nativity Song - The World's Smallest Shepherd - When Joseph Went to Bethlehem - When We Seek Him

Get all of these Primary Christmas song custom art flip charts in one bundle and save! It includes 15 different songs from the Children’s songbook, hymn book, and other composers music, too!

Doctrine & Covenants Primary Flip Charts List

Primary Flip Charts Use Policies

This landing page is where you can find a direct link to all the flip charts I’ve made for my own personal use and have made available for download. These can be used for your own personal and church use.

The files themselves cannot be distributed, shared, modified, or copied. If you want to share this resource with other Primary music leaders – just direct them to this landing page where they can download their own flip chart copy for their own personal and church use.

Images used in our Primary flip charts come from the gospel art kit, clip art from church magazines, the LDS gospel media library, and images we have paid for purchased licensing for this use. Because of the varied sources, you’ll need to be mindful that these files cannot be adapted.

Are we missing Primary flip charts you’d love to see? Let us know in the comments!

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    • Hey Susan – Just click on the flip chart you want and it will take you to the post. There are 2-4 versions of each flip chart from colorful, black and white, and a slideshow! You’ll create a free account to login and then all the PDF files will unlock in every post.

        • If you’re clicking links earlier in the post, those are links for SEO to help interlink content and may be relevant to you, depending on your needs. The PDFs are right in the post at the bottom of the article. You’ll just need to create a free login and all the PDF download links automatically unlock. If you need more help you can email me!

  1. What do the different colors of words mean on the flip charts? Are there activities that go along with certain colors? How do you use them to teach the song?

    • They’re just to add color and interest pointing out keywords! I do tend to have specific colors I tie to specific words – like Red or Purple for Heavenly Father and Christ, and blue for action words, orange for references to self. But it really just depends on what fits and works best, there isn’t entirely a rhyme or reason. 🙂

  2. I love your flip charts! Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to be able to print them in landscape as well to hang them over the music stand to free up my hands (especially during the program) and not have to print different landscape flip charts for the program. Is that possible or a formatting nightmare?

    • Hi Amy,
      I make the colorful ones with photos only in portrait. The simple text ones only in landscape. There is a slideshow option that is landscape, it’s slightly different dimensions (16×9) but you could probably print it and lose some margin on the right and left. It takes me hours to create these! I am starting to work with an artist to create a custom art flip chart series which has both portrait and landscape with different formatting sizing. Only some are available at the moment.

    • I’m sorry, I don’t. I think Scripture Power is a perfect fit for the Book of Mormon year, so I plan to make one for next year.


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