21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas

If you are teaching Love One Another this year to your Primary kids in Singing Time, you’ve come to the right spot! We’ve worked really hard to create and share these 21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas!

We have Love One Another (archives) planned as part of our Old Testament Come Follow Me Primary songs! I love this song as the message is something that is especially important in this current climate of contention and taking sides. It reminds us of our Savior’s love for us, as well.

Dive into teaching Love One Another Singing Time Ideas with these variety of ways to teach this LDS Primary song for Primary Music Leaders with printables!

I spend a little bit of time at the beginning of the year planning out an entire year of singing time ideas! It only takes me a few hours to brainstorm and strategize and then I feel SO much more prepared for the year ahead. Even if I have a busy week, I have some ideas to go to and make it happen!

21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Love One Another Song Planner

One of my secret weapons that makes this so incredibly fast and easy is my Song Planner worksheet! I always think it’s fun to see a sneak peek of how people brainstorm out their ideas, so here’s my preview! See how just a small brainstorm session makes it easy to plan out the idea from there?

Love One Another Singing Time Packet

Love One Another Singing time packet for this lovely primary song - easy ways for LDS Primary music leaders to teach this song including a beautiful custom art flip chart, hand bells, magic crayon, foreign language, ribbon wands, line match, and song story activities.

Looking for an easy no-fuss way to teach this song? You’ll love this Love One Another Singing Time Packet that includes our 8 teaching activities with extended printables and a gorgeous custom art flip chart!

You can also find this packet in my Etsy shop here.

Love One Another Flip Charts

Love One Another 3 different styles of flip charts for singing time

You will want to head over to grab our Love One Another Flip Charts! This is the perfect companion resource to have on hand to go along with any of these Love One Another Singing Time ideas. I don’t use a flip chart very often, but I’m always so glad to have it when I do want to use it!

You can listen to the melody or print out from the Children’s Songbook Love One Another Sheet Music here from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website. I like to print out a copy of the sheet music for my Singing Time Binder. It makes it so I can ditch carrying around the entire songbook!

10 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas

Now, on to the exciting stuff, here we are sharing all of our Love One Another Singing Time ideas! You’ll browse through the ideas here with a quick intro, then click through to visit any of the full posts for the lesson plans you want to grab!

Our singing time ideas include a printable lesson plan and Love One Another pictures or activity cards, whatever best fits the activity!

Bookmark this page and you’ll be able to easily come back here throughout the month while teaching Love One Another to find another fun way to introduce or review this Primary song!

1. Teaching Love One Another with Ribbon Wands

21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 5909 e1642719610311

Get the kids up and moving with the fun of ribbon wands! My kids always LOVE using ribbon wands (yes – even the oldest boys!) It’s a fun way to “dance” out the song and make a connection with the words in a unique way. Head over here to grab the Ribbon Wands Lesson for Love One Another.

2. Love One Another Foreign Languages Song Helps

Love One Another in 4different foreign languages printable singing time help

This is the PERFECT song for blending in some fun culture with foreign languages! Since you’re teaching all about loving ALL other people, why not remind them that we love diversity, too, with teaching the simple phrase Love One Another in Foreign Languages!

Your Senior Primary especially will be up for the challenge of learning new languages and it’s a powerful tool to teach about loving in different ways and to different people from all over the world!!

3. Love One Another Singing Time Ideas Line Matching

Love One Another line matching 2-page printables with marker

The kids will love making these logical conclusions by helping making the connections to what phrases match in our Love One Another Line Matching Game! Grab the printable lesson plan and it’s an easy go-to on a busy week!

4. Love One Another Magic Crayon

Love One Another Magic Crayon cropped image with 4 of the motions for singing time

This cute activity gets the kids moving, but quietly from their seat as they try to draw out simple cute shapes with their imaginary magic crayon! They’ll be focused and singing along in this fun activity! Head over here to grab the Love One Another Magic Crayon printables!

5. Love One Another Printable Song Story

Cropped Love One Another 1-page printable song story lesson plan for singing time

A song story is such a fun way to make a connection with the song to the kid’s everyday lives! It can also make a really impactful experience as you blend song and story into one! Head over to grab our Love One Another Song Story lesson.

6. How to Teach Love One Another with a Hand Bells Chart

Love One Another Hand Bells

Hand Bells are always a fun and welcomed addition to singing time!! With this ready for your hand bell chart you’ll be able to get 5 kids involved and chiming along with this Love One Another Hand Bells chart! It’s a perfect way to review or teach Love One Another this year.

7. Love One Another Recipe of Love Singing Time

21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 5695 e1640281717680

Get the kids hands on and exploring the things around them in their daily lives with this nature-based singing time! You’ll help create the perfect “recipe” in this Love One Another Recipe of Love activity.

8. Love One Another Puzzle Printables

Love One Another Picture Puzzles

Cut up pictures that match the lyrics for a fun and engaging way to teach Love One Another Puzzles activity! You can hide the puzzle pieces or add fun ways to sing on the back of the pieces to have a fun and interactive and different activities while singing Love One Another.

9. Love One Another ASL Signs

Love One Another ASL Sign language cards - fun and easy singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders to teach this song with signs to add movement and meaning to the lyrics. Plus lots of fun ideas to mix up this activity in a new way so it feels fresh and different.

Sign language is the go-to way to teach this song as the signs are printed right in the Children’s Songbook! If there is ANY song you’re going to teach in ASL, it certainly should be this one! I’ve enlarged the graphics into printable cards and added fun extension ideas to mix up the typical just learn the signs as well.

10. Love One Another Sing Along Video

Join us in learning and teaching this song with this beautiful Love One Another Sing Along video. It’s a great way to introduce the song to your Primary for the first time or to send to families to help them review this song before the Primary program. Please thumbs up the video if you liked it to help it reach others in the algorithm.

11 MORE Different Ways to Teach Love One Another Singing Time Activities

Here’s another set of fun and varied lesson plans by other Primary Music Leaders / Primary chorister to help you teach the whole song song for the Primary Program sacrament meeting presentation.

1. Love One Another Hand Bells

21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Love One Another

You can find this song included in Merry Bells set Primary Songs #1 to easily teach it in your Primary room.

Save on Merry Bells printable charts and bells with a coupon code just for my readers! Just add PrimarySinging coupon on the cart page to save 10% off your purchase.

21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Merry Bells 20221003 123803

If you’d like a little more control, and flexibility, head over to see our Hand Bell Music Note Cards that let you turn ANY song into a hand bell chart easily!

2. Construction Paper Heart Love One Another Idea

21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders love one another heart printable

The church has a lot of amazing resources on their website, and one of them is a cute Primary lesson on Love One Another from a manual geared exactly towards this song’s principles!

Included is a fun idea to cut out a big construction paper heart. You can cut it into puzzle piece shapes, write love notes to someone in their family on individual sized hearts, or just use it as a visual aid! My go to would be to fill it with notes of children sharing a way they show love!

3. Love One Another Interactive Match Game!

Susie of All Trades blog has a couple really cool interactive games!! Play the digital match game together as a Primary! Just display a laptop screen up to a TV or Projector, and play as a group letting a child come up to pick a match. She has a couple other activities in her post, so head over her to see them all!

4. Love One Another Pass the Heart

Have your Primary children prepare a big heart with different people they love! Then, following along with these 2 easy ideas to pass the heart during the song first to your other hand and then the next time through around the room. How far did you spread your love? Watch the Pass the Heart video here!

5. Love One Another Examples of Love

You’ll love this video with singing the song that shows so many different examples of showing love to others of different ages and circumstances!

6. Love One Another Paper Plates

Can you keep up with Barbara and her fast paced and fun paper plates pattern? I just love movement activities like these! Grab the pattern notes here (scroll half way down).

7. Love One Another Sing-Along Video

8. Jeffrey R Holland – Love One Another Message

9. Dance Scarves Pass

10. Love One Another Coloring Page

11. ASL Tutorial Video

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If you’re looking for a fun and no prep Singing Time review game, try out this Pin the Primary Song poster in our shop!

21 Love One Another Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Etsy Listing Graphic Pin the Primary Song

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Teach your Primary children Love One Another with these 21 fun and engaging Singing Time Ideas! Easy printable lesson plans for LDS Music Leaders!

What other ways will you teach Love One Another this year? Looking for fun ideas from other Primary Music Leader activities!! Let us know in the comments to help add additional ideas to this post!

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