When I Am Baptized – 8 Singing Time Ideas

Sing along with us with these 8 fun Singing Time Ideas & Lesson Plans for teaching When I Am Baptized song. I have a bunch of new ideas I’m using this year, plus a handful of singing time activities I used last year to teach When I Am Baptized. It’s a good go-to for prelude music, too. The kids always start humming and singing along.

This When I Am Baptized LDS Primary song was part of last year’s outline, as well, which means you should be able to breeze through reviewing this beautiful song – with a little bit of practice for the Junior Primary.

I suggest teaching When I Am Baptized as part of the Doctrine & Covenants Singing Time song list, but it’s included in 3 out of the 4 Primary song rotation years (Twice for Book of Mormon, and also for New Testament, and D&C Come, Follow Me song lists). It’s not included in the Old Testament suggested songs, but you could still teach this song if you haven’t recently!

Siniging Time lesson plans, games, and ideas for teaching When I Am Baptized for LDS Primary music leaders / choristers! #PrimarySinging #LDS #Primary #SingingTime

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When I Am Baptized
Singing Time Ideas

1. When I Am Baptized – Ribbon Wands

Let the kids “paint” the song through the air with colorful ribbon wands! I’ve created two different ribbon wand patterns for the Junior and Senior Primary to help lead them through the song.

when i am baptized ribbon wands printable

2. When I Am Baptized – Singing “Bee”

Challenge your Primary class with a Singing Bee to see just how well they know this song, that’s a repeat from last year’s program.

You can use this right away with the Senior Primary to see if they’re ready to move on to other songs, but hold off a few weeks with the Junior until they’re ready.

when I am baptized singing bee game

3. When I Am Baptized – Hand Clap Patterns

Try your hand, literally, at this fun hand clap pattern. I’ve created two different clap patterns to fit both Junior and Senior Primary while learning When I Am Baptized.

when I am baptized hand clap pattern

4. When I Am Baptized – Baptism Stories

Assemble a moving video montage of baptism stories / quotes from your Primary kids to make this song relateable.

As a bonus, you can show the video during your Primary Program Presentation, if you get permission! Or, simply ask some of the kiddos to share their baptism stories as part of this lesson plan.

When I am Baptized - Baptism Stories

5. When I Am Baptized – Comic Strip

Get the kids involved with creating their own comic strip drawings for When I Am Baptized. The boys will love this activity!

You can use it as a class activity or let the kids work on them individually and take them home to show and sing! There’s a version for both the little children in Junior and older kids in Senior Primary.

when I am baptized comic strip

6. When I Am Baptized – Paper Plates

This fun and upbeat activity using inexpensive paper plates as an instrument is one everyone will enjoy! It helps to instill the beat, and rhythm of the song in a fun and engaging way while reviewing the lyrics.

Younger children LOVE using paper plates in Primary, but it’s not beneath the Senior Primary, yet!

when I am baptized paper plates

7. When I Am Baptized – Nature Symbols

Engage the kids with rich symbolism from the nature elements from “the beauty of an earth made clean again” used in this When I Am Baptized lesson plan. Your Primary will have so much fun exploring rainbows, rain, and cleanliness – plus how those tie into baptism!

when I am baptized lds primary song using nature symbols in singing time

8. When I Am Baptized – Rhythm Sticks

Tap along with a series of fun patterns with this rhythm sticks activity for When I Am Baptized. With a simplified pattern for Junior Primary and a challenge pattern for Senior Primary.

Or, swap it out for an egg shaker patterns!

when I am baptized rhythm sticks

Head over to the Church of Jesus Christ media library for the sheet music. Or grab our free printable When I Am Baptized Flip Chart to use while teaching this meaningful song!

You can see all of our lesson plans by song and by year under our LDS Primary Songs – Singing Time Song Index!

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