12 Logical Conclusion Activities for Singing Time

The logical thinkers will thrive on these engaging lesson plans!

You might be surprised to see some of those reluctant boys in the back row that don’t participate much come to life with these activities that challenge them and let them show off how smart they are!

These Logical Conclusions activities help reach those critical thinkers where they learn best. This post also helps break down and explain some of the different activities outlined in my Song Planner Worksheet, that makes planning a Year of Singing Time Lessons a cinch!

12 Logical Conclusion Activities for LDS Primary Singing Time - Tons of ideas, lesson plans, and activities for Music Leaders! Plus, engaging activities for home study of Come, Follow Me.

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12 Logical Conclusions Activities
for Singing Time

1. Crack the Code

Use a variety of symbols to represent the words, melody pattern, or any other patterns you might notice in the song.

For example, you could use dots and dashes to make something that would look like morse code but might simply represent short and long notes!

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Crack the Code -- Primary Singing Time activity, game, idea for Singing Time! Or use it as a fun Come Follow Me activity for LDS families!

See our Crack the Code examples here: 

2. Melody Chart

Plot out the musical notes showing the up and down movements of the melody. You can mark each note with a different color, symbol, or shape to help represent meaning of the words.

Have the kids try to decode the melody chart by sharing what they notice and any patterns they see.

12 Logical Conclusion Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders PrimarySinging 08797

Here are some printable Melody Charts examples: 

3. Color Code

Pick out a couple of keywords/ideas and then put the color only in place of those words to create a fun logical activity that’s super easy to make!

You can print or even just use a variety of colored whiteboard markers to quickly make a color code activity!

I Know My Father Lives Color Code activity for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time and home Come Follow Me study

Here’s how to make and use a color code: 

4. Word Map

Do you remember those charts you would make in school? Those ones with a big circle in the center and the main idea/concept written there in the center.

Then, you’d branch off ideas from the main one into their own circles and continue branching off ideas until you came up with the basic outline for your whole paper?

I Feel My Savior's Love - Word Map activity, idea, game and lesson plan for Primary Singing Time! Perfect for LDS Music Leaders or even for home study of Come, Follow Me!

This word map activity uses the same concept! Break down the songs main concept and sub concepts with a similar word map chart!

Learn more about how this activity works in these post:

5. Rebus

A rebus is one of those puzzles where you try to figure out a phrase based on a series or combination of pictures. For example, let’s see if you can get this one. Try to figure out what the phrase is based only on this:


Did you get the answer? Here’s a clue: It’s one of our Primary songs (from the Friend)!

The puzzle is saying One in a Million. “One” is placed “in” the word “Million” = One in a Million.

Now, hopefully you’re just buzzing with ideas of how you can use rebuses in Singing Time! They can be like those traditional one or phrases made up a series of pictures.

12 Logical Conclusion Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Primary 05368

Here’s how we used a Rebus activity with Primary songs: 

6. First Letter of each Word

This idea is so easy to do with absolutely any idea! Simply write down the very first letter of each and every word in the song.

Post each section of letters on a strip of paper and let the kids first figure out what the code is and then do their best to unscramble them back in order.

In Junior Primary, you might simply show them two words strips, and ask which ones should go up, then pick another two and again ask them which one should go next!

12 Logical Conclusion Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Singing Time Posts 06075

Here’s how we use the First Letter Game: 

7. What comes next?

This can be a completely no-prep activity or use a little foresight and map out a plan! The first option is to simply sing-sing-sing and randomly pause!

At each pause, the kids will fill in what word or phrase comes next! It works best if you either have them finish a phrase/line of the song or tell them a number of words for them to sing (like sing the next 2 words each time I pause).

12 Logical Conclusion Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders 06 Gethsemane 08974

See how we use What Comes Next here:

8. Number Problems

Use numbers in place of certain keywords to create a challenging problem to solve! Your numbers can have a logical meaning (which works best) or can be more abstract!

The Holy Ghost Number Problems logical activity for those critical thinkers! Primary Singing Time activity lesson and idea for LDS Music Leaders and fun for an FHE or Home Study of Come Follow Me!

Here’s how we used Number Problems in this Primary Song: 

9. Compare and Contrast

You can use a compare and contrast approach with a song that has contrasting ideas already in it, such as lyrics that try to point out cause and effect or right and wrong.

Or, use this activity with a song that shows a really strong approach to only one side of the scale. Then, you can point out it’s opposite and it will really drive home the message of WHY we want to choose the right!

If the Savior Stood Beside Me Contrasting Choices game

See these Compare and Contract Activities to inspire you: 

10. Bar Graph

A traditional bar graph uses a scale along the edge that might represent something like price, number of items, or other metrics to chart changes.

We’ll use a bar graph in singing time with the musical staff as the scale along the edge! This is a neat way to show how the melody flows throughout the song, similar to a melody chart, but with a fresh and interesting approach!

You can color certain bars to represent keywords or ideas.

12 Logical Conclusion Activities for Singing Time Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Come Follow Me Song 08776 sq

Here’s examples of our Bar Graph charts to help inspire your own:

11. Riddles

Create a simple (or tricky) riddle to try to have the kids guess the song. Then, sing through the song after they’ve guess it correctly.

Another way to use this activity is to create riddles for each line of the song, and then have them echo sing through the line adding more parts to echo sing until you’ve made your way through the song!

You can find some Song Riddles on LDS.org to get you started brainstorming your own!

Use this Silly Word Swap activity to review I Hope They Call Me On a Mission in primary! Just swap out one of the song lyrics for a silly word and see if the kids can detect the word that doesn't quite fit! Or, switch it up and play as a MadLib! Easy singing time idea for LDS Primary Music Leaders with printable song helps.

See these two different posts for ideas on how to incorporate riddles into your singing time:

12. Line Matching Game

Here’s another activity you did often in grade school! The game has two columns with words and/or pictures and a big space in between. You’ll match the items from column 1 with the items in column 2 with a line.

This is an easy activity to use to help teach the concepts of the song and present an interesting challenge the kids enjoy doing!

Learn the Baptism song with this easy no-prep Primary Singing Time lesson plan and ideas! Perfect for Primary Music Leaders or LDS families for Come, Follow me home study! Free printable resources.

Grab our printable line matching games here:

Even More Learning Style Activities

This is the second post in a series of posts on teaching by learning styles! The next post will share ideas on using Living Music Activities in Singing Time!

You can also head back to the first post on Using Purposeful Movement Activities!

12 Living Music Activities for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time - lesson plans and activities that can be used for any song!

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Grab the free printable Song Planner Worksheet to make planning engaging activities a cinch — here!

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

What other logical conclusion activities do you use in Singing Time? 

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