Choose the Right Eraser Pass

Choose the Right Eraser Pass Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders sq Choose the Right Eraser Pass 20220125 095535

Can the Primary children help you pick the RIGHT word? Test their skills in this fun Choose the Right Eraser pass singing time idea! They’ll work together as a team to help cross off all the WRONG words until just … Read now

Choose the Right Flip Chart & Lyrics

Choose the Right Flip Chart - Teach this song with these beautiful custom art picture illustrations and visual aids that coordinate with the lyrics. Includes both color and black and white plus a slideshow. A great resource for LDS Primary music leaders or for home Come Follow Me use for families.

Choose the Right Hymn was one of the VERY first songs I taught as a brand new Primary Music Leader! Because of that, it holds a special place in my heart! I think this is a fantastic song to teach … Read now

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