18 Easter Hosanna Singing Time Ideas

Teach Easter Hosanna with these fun and engaging Singing Time Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders - a fun assortment of activities and lesson plans.

Are you ready to jump into tons of fun Easter Hosanna singing time ideas (archives landing page)? We’ve created a bunch of fun and varied activities to help you teach this song, plus sourced a few more favorite ideas from … Read now

Easter Hosanna Action Words

Easter Hosanna Action Words - Use these simple hand actions to review this Easter song in singing time with printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Let’s dive right in to this Easter Hosanna Action Words activity! This representation of words singing time idea is a great way to help your primary children remember the lyrics as you review Easter Hosanna in primary this month! This … Read now

Easter Hosanna Melody Map

Easter Hosanna Melody Map singing time activity for a fun way to help you visually show the melody and have the children follow along with hand motions as they decode the melody map! Easter Hosanna singing time activity for LDS Primary music leaders.

Are you looking for an engaging Easter Hosanna singing time (archives) activity? You’ll love teaching the up and down movements of the melody with the help of this Easter Hosanna Melody Map! I love using a melody map as it’s … Read now

Easter Hosanna Cup Actions

Easter Hosanna Cup Actions use this engaging cup pattern to use a cup with a pattern and actions that follow the rhythm and lyrics. Fun singing time activity for LDS Primary music leaders.

Have you been looking for Easter Hosanna teaching ways to help your Primary learn this song this year? You’ll love engaging the kids with this fun Easter Hosanna Cup Actions pattern. This song is a great one to teach as … Read now

Easter Hosanna Before & After

Easter Hosanna Before & After - Try this fun primary activity with word pairs from the song to better understand this Easter song with free printables for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Through Jesus Christ’s Atonement and Resurrection, sorrow becomes joy, death becomes resurrection, and despair becomes hope. Use this Easter Hosanna Before & After singing time activity to help your primary children better understand this sweet Easter song! Compare and contrast … Read now

Easter Hosanna Partner Rhythms

Easter Hosanna Partner Rhythm fun pattern to using during singing time to engage with others around you! Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Will you be teaching Easter Hosanna this year in Singing Time? It’s a great song to include for Easter as it shares the story of Christ visiting the people in America. You’ll love this engaging Easter Hosanna Partner Rhythms to … Read now

Easter Hosanna Song Story

Easter Hosanna Song Story - Share the Easter story told the Book of Mormon to introduce this song in primary with printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Bring the Easter story to life this spring with this Easter Hosanna Song Story singing time idea! Share the sweet story of Christ’s visitation to the Nephites after His resurrection as you introduce Easter Hosanna in primary. This spiritual connection … Read now

Easter Hosanna Binder Pictures

Easter Hosanna Binder Pictures fun and super easy singing time idea to help teach this beautiful Easter song in Singing Time for LDS Primary Music Leaders. Just flip through the pictures with keywords on the back of each page as you sing the story!

Easter Hosanna is a wonderful song to include as part of your Book of Mormon Songs for 2024 list as it’s all about Christ visiting the people in the Americas! You will love teaching this song with this simple but … Read now

Easter Hosanna Flip Chart & Lyrics

Easter Hosanna Flip Chart singing time visual aids helps for LDS Primary music leaders to teach this beautiful song for Easter or any time of the year. Part of the Book of Mormon Come Follow Me study song list.

You’ll love this sweet song Easter Hosanna (archives) to include this year as part of your Book of Mormon Primary Songs for Come Follow Me! It’s an Easter song that’s all about the people in the Americas! You can easily … Read now

Easter Hosanna Pipe Chimes Chorus

Easter Hosanna Pipe Chimes chart - use this fun printable chime charts to play the chorus of Easter Hosanna to add a fun emphasis to this Primary Easter song! Great singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders with printable song helps.

You’ll love bringing chimes in to teach your Easter songs it’s the perfect instrument for the season! This printable Easter Hosanna Pipe Chimes chart covers the chorus to help the chorus have a special and unique feeling! See more Easter … Read now

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