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I LOVE creating and giving away tons of free printable resources for singing time. You may not realize this, but Primary Singing has grown to over 1,300 blog posts and almost every post includes a free printable!

That’s a ton of awesome free content that I want to share with you.

You are more than welcome to use my singing time ideas, all the step by step directions are right in the post, and even adapt them to make the ideas unique to your own Primary. But, if you are looking to utilize my free in-post printables, you can find out more about how to access them here.

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Primary Singing PLUS+ FAQs

What is Primary Singing PLUS+?

It’s an email subscriber tool powered by that does two things:

  1. Unlocks PLUS+ Printables:
    Automatically unlock all of our in-post printables!
    Once you have created a login, and confirmed in your inbox, you’re set! As long as you stay logged into the tool, all printables are automatically unlocked in every post!
  2. Bookmark Your Favorites:
    All your favorite posts, easy to find!
    Hit the heart icon in the bottom right hand corner of the page and you’ll save the post for easy reference later. To view your bookmarks later, just use the button in the bottom right corner under the heart to access the bookmarks menu.
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How Much is Primary Singing PLUS+?

Primary Singing Plus+ is 100% free. Always. It’s not a free trial. NO hidden fees. NO credit card information. Really, this service is completely free to use.

Does Primary Singing charge me for anything?

I do not charge for any of our in-post free printables! If you click something from my post such as an ad placement that is asking for credit card information on a 3rd party website, hit the back button — it’s not me!

I do offer a membership to INSTANT Primary Singing that gives you 1-click downloads, additional exclusive printables, a monthly singing time plan and more perks. This is billed on a monthly or annual basis.

Keep in mind, the payment transaction happens right on this website, you will not be redirected to a different website for payment. If you see an incorrect website link you likely clicked on an ad placement.

Another way you can help support Primary Singing, is through the dedicated digital store on this blog as well as the Primary Singing Etsy shop where you can purchase a selection of singing time music cards. They’re super cool and email subscribers get a discount!

How do I sign up for Primary Singing PLUS+?

There are two spots to create your account right in any of our blog posts with printables! Just look for that pretty purple button that says to sign up for Primary Singing PLUS+!

You can even sign up for a free account right here on this page! I’ve linked a couple of times to the sign up prompt to make it easy to find.

The locked content is at the very end of the post so it’s not in the way of the activity instructions for those that don’t need the printable.

exclusive content lock

What is this

The content lock tool I use on this website to automatically unlock EVERY printable once you’ve created your free account is powered by It is a tool by Mediavine and is trusted by thousands of bloggers!

What you’ll see when you click to sign up or login is this pop-up window that looks like this. If you have any pop-up blockers you may have issues getting logged in, so make sure you disable any external tools.

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You can create an account with an email address or Google or Facebook login. Then, just confirm your new account by email and refresh the page to unlock hundreds of free in-post printables!

Where do I find the printables once logged in?

The free in-post printables are available towards the bottom of each individual post that includes a printable. Almost every single one of my over 1,000 posts includes a printable!

They are organized this way so you have all of the information you need including the lesson plan right in the post and pictures how to put the activity together and best use it in your Primary plus fun extension ideas to try out, too!

With there being such a VAST library of free printables, it really was most intuitive to keep all files with their relevant informational post so you don’t have to bounce back and forth between a library and try to find the connected information.

Primary Singing PLUS+ Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Logged in Printables View

Once logged in, simply return to or refresh the page for the particular printable you are interested in. Scroll down to below the informational section and graphic for creating a Primary Singing PLUS+ account.

You’ll find an embedded PDF and download link and button there. On some browsers and devices, the embedded PDF will not load, but the download link and button will still show up.

Why lock the printables?

Locking printables for only subscribers is a common practice and helps me achieve 5 goals:

  • Helps this website grow
  • Creates a direction relationship for personalized ads*
  • Protects copyright by keeping spammers away from the PDFs
  • Lets me better connect with you through a weekly email (they’re pretty great and filled with lots of resources!)
exclusive content lock

*Why do personalized ads matter?

If you want to see the behind the scenes of this blogs operations, read on!

This website is able to help support my family with side income that pays for my time and expenses in operating this blog and allows me to keep creating content with you! I put about 40 hours a week (sometimes more) into writing, updating, and creating fun singing time ideas.

I absolutely LOVE what I do!

To be able to devote the time that I do I utilize ad networks to generate income. But, technology is always changing. And in 2024 it changed in a BIG way that will have a huge impact on publishers.

Google will be getting of 3rd party cookies. Which means, in a nutshell, that ad partners will not be willing to pay as much for ad placements as they won’t be able to create targeted campaigns that are relevant to readers. creates a solution where you’re opting into programmatic ads with cookies to provide more relevant ad placements which helps protect the main source of revenue for this website. Without ad placements, I would have to migrate to all for-purchase content. Which I hope to never have to do!

I want my ideas to be helpful to all, no matter your finances, especially with Primary Music Leader being a volunteer based calling!

Do I have to stay subscribed to the newsletter?

I completely get it, your inbox is precious!! I hope you find my emails relevant, interesting, and valuable. Keep in mind, I share really awesome resources I don’t post here on Primary Singing and exclusive promotions!

If at ANY time you no longer want to receive my weekly email newsletter, you can absolutely unsubscribe.

You’ll still keep access to the PLUS+ free printables by logging in with your email, whether or not you want to get my email updates.

I’m getting asked for my credit card information! Help!

I do not ask for credit card information to access my in-post free printable singing time helps.

If you are seeing something outside of my digital store or INSTANT Primary Singing that is asking for your credit card information, you may have clicked a banner ad that is not affiliate with this website.

Hit the back button until you are back on my website or simply close out of that extra window complete.

The ONLY place you should consider adding payment information is if you are making a purchase with my store or joining the INSTANT Primary Singing membership, which has a secure payment portal and is clearly identified as my website. You can also choose to checkout for the music cards through our Etsy cart if you have any questions about checkout security.

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Have questions about INSTANT Primary Singing instead?

INSTANT Primary Singing membership subscription for immediate 1-click access to all singing time ideas for the monthly Come Follow Me songs!

I’ve covered this one IN DEPTH! Head over to this post to see all the answers!

Answers to FAQ’s specifically for INSTANT Primary Singing membership.

You can also read more about what’s included in the membership on the INSTANT Primary Singing membership page. Or, search this blog to see the most recent post to see what printables specifically are included in this month’s membership.

Have other questions or need help?

Send me an email to: [email protected] or reach out to me on Facebook!

A Facebook message can be a fast way to reach me and chat through any concerns. I am active in the Singing Time Ideas for Primary Music Leaders Facebook Group and other groups and love to connect!


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