Fall Primary Songs (Halloween & Thanksgiving!)

As the seasons transition into the cooler weather months of fall, we have lots to be grateful for! I’m excited to share some fun song Fall Primary songs I’ve sourced to help you with your seasonal singing time lesson plans!

Even though it may not be immediately obvious how to include Halloween in your Singing Time, these song suggestions will help you include a kid favorite holiday while still being Sunday approved! Plus of course songs to celebrate Thanksgiving and the change of seasons.

Full and extensive list of Primary Songs for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving with wonderful song picks for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time planning!

Halloween Primary Songs

Halloween is a super fun holiday, but maybe not the most natural fit for connecting to Primary songs. I do think there are a few great themes that could certainly tie in with Halloween and the counterpart Day of the Dead – so I’ve linked Family History and Gathering of Israel themed songs and more that will be fun for Halloween!

Family History – Dia de Los Muertos:

  • Truth from Elijah #90
  • The Hearts of the Children #92
  • Family History – I Am Doing It #94
  • I Love to See the Temple #95
  • Families Can Be Together Forever #188
  • I Have a Family Tree #199

Gathering of Israel Hymns:

  • High on the Mountain Top #5
  • Redeemer of Israel #6
  • Israel, Israel, God is Calling #7
  • The Day Dawn is Breaking #52
  • Hope of Israel #259
  • Turn Your Hearts #291

We Are God’s Children:

Halloween is all about dressing up as someone different and trying on costumes. I think this theme helps refocus on who we are as children of God even with the fun of Halloween disguises.

  • I Am a Child of God #2
  • Children All Over the World #16
  • I’ll Walk with You #140
  • Every Star is Different #142
  • Shine On #144
  • A Special Gift is Kindness #145
  • Kindness Begins with Me #145
  • We Are Different #263

Add Halloween Actions:

  • Fun to Do #253b (Trick or treating is fun to do…)
  • Here We Are Together #261 (Here we go a haunting… There’s werewolf, and fairy, and hero, and doctor… this dark Halloween.)
  • If You’re Happy #266 (Bat your wings, ghostly sway…)
  • Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes #275a (Eyeballs, warts, bones, and claws…)
  • Do As I’m Doing #276 (Fly like a witch, walk like a zombie)
  • Hinges #277 (Bring in a skeleton with bones connected at the joints)
  • Oh, How We Love to Stand #279 (Oh, how Frankenstein loves to stand…)
If You're Happy and You Know It - Fun Halloween Edition to swap out the lyrics for perfectly spooky alternatives for LDS Primary Music Leaders singing time activities!

If You’re Happy: Halloween Edition

Lyrics & Graphics by Primary Singing

If you’re happy and you know it…
– Bat your wings
– Ghostly sway
– Carve a pumpkin
– Stir your potion

Here We Go a-Haunting sung to the tune of the LDS Primary Song Here We Are Together. Try this fun lyrics swap to bring a little Halloween fun into your Singing Time with themed lyrics for LDS Primary Music Leaders

Here We Go a Haunting

Sung to the Tune of Here We Are Together
Lyrics & Graphics by Primary Singing

Here we go a-haunting, a-haunting, a-haunting
Oh, here we go a-haunting in our Primary.
There’s werewolf, and fairy, and hero, and doctor,
Oh, here we go a-haunting this dark Halloween.

Do you include holidays in Primary? Try these 20 easy LDS Halloween Singing Time ideas for themed fun for your lesson plans - helps for Primary Music Leaders. These activities will work with learning a new song or reviewing a mix of songs with a subtle Halloween theme.

Looking for a super fun themed activity to use with a subtle Halloween theme? I’m sharing really fun Halloween Singing Time Ideas here that will be a wonderful fit for the season.

Fall & Thanksgiving Primary Songs

When it’s time to transition to the Fall, you’ll love this assortment of Autumn themed songs and lots of Thankful songs perfect for Thanksgiving.

Autumn Time:

  • Rain is Falling All Around #241
  • It’s Autumntime #246
  • Autumn Day #247
  • Because God Loves Me
  • Beauty Everywhere #232
  • I Often Go Walking #202
I Often Go Walking - Fall Edition! Try out these fun alternate lyrics swapped for the seasons of this classic spring LDS Primary Song! Great for fall singing time ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

I Often Go Walking: Fall Edition

Lyrics & Graphics by Primary Singing

I often go walking in forests of leaves
And I gather armfuls of red, yellow, and orange
I gather the leaves the whole forest over
Oh, winter, the bare trees remind me you’re soon

I Can Be Thankful:

  • Thanks to Thee #6
  • I Thank thee, Dear Father #7
  • Father, We Thank Thee for the Night #8
  • Can a Little Child like Me? #9
  • Thank Thee for Everything #10
  • I’m Thankful to Be Me #11
  • I Pray in Faith #14
  • Children All over the World #16
  • A Song of Thanks #20
  • Thanks to Our Father #20
  • For Health and Strength (Round) #21
  • For Thy Bounteous Blessings (Round) #21b
  • Thank Thee, Father #24
  • I Love to Pray #25b
  • God’s Love #97
  • I Am Glad for Many Things #151
  • My Heavenly Father Loves Me #228
  • The World is So Lovely #233
  • The World is So Big #235
Full and extensive list of Primary Songs for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving with wonderful song picks for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time planning!

Hymns on Gratitude:

  • We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet #19
  • Come, Ye Children of the Lord #58
  • All Creatures of Our God and King #62
  • Rejoice, the Lord is King! #66
  • For the Beauty of the Earth #92
  • Prayer of Thanksgiving #93
  • Because I Have Been Given Much #219
  • There is Sunshine in My Soul Today #227
  • Count Your Blessings #241


I usually teach a reverence song in the fall as it’s the perfect time to squeeze this theme in after the Primary Program and before you get wrapped up in Christmas. The holiday sugar and being cooped up indoors can really ramp up the wiggles, so this has helped in my Primary!

  • Reverently, Quietly #26
  • Reverence #27
  • We Are Reverent #27
  • I Want to Be Reverent #28
  • I Will Try to Be Reverent #28
  • Father, I Will Reverent Be #29
  • Our Chapel is a Sacred Place #0
  • This Is God’s House #30
  • Reverence is Love #31
  • Remember the Sabbath Day #155
  • The Chapel Doors #156
  • When I Go to Church #157

Thanksgiving Feast:

  • A Song of Thanks #20
  • For Health and Strength #21a
  • We Bow Our Heads #25a
  • Family Prayer #189 (vs 2)

Fun Songs for Thanksgiving:

  • Lift Up Your Voice and Sing #252
  • Thanksgiving Day)
  • Hello, Friends! #254 (Here with you for Thanksgiving…)
  • Here We are Together #261 (Here we are feasting, and eating, and munching… This
Full and extensive list of Primary Songs for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving with wonderful song picks for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time planning!

Fall Primary Songs by LDS Composers:

Many of these themed songs below focus on the theme of we are all children of God. I really like this theme when you tie it to Halloween because it reminds us that who we are inside is what matters most to our Heavenly Father. I’ve also included some songs with family history and gratitude themes too.

*You will need Bishopric and Primary President approval and may need to purchase sheet music to use any of these songs.

We Are God’s Children:

Family History & Gathering Israel:


Fall Primary Songs Printable List

To help make it even easier to plan for your Fall singing time lessons, I’ve condensed this song list down into a 2-page printable! Just print it double sided and slip it into your singing time binder and you’ll be ready to pick out songs quickly and easily every fall.

You can also bookmark this page for easy reference year after year and find updated lists with any new songs added.

Full and extensive list of Primary Songs for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving with wonderful song picks for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time planning!

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More than 100 Primary Christmas Songs for LDS Primary Music Leaders to teach during Singing Time

What other songs have you taught in the Fall that you I should add to this list? Any other good Fall, Thanksgiving, or Halloween themes to add?

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