Printable Primary Substitute Sign up Sheet

Are you wondering how to find a sub for Primary, Nursery, maybe a Pianist or even for the Primary Music Leader? It can be really difficult to find people to help out with a short notice. But with this Printable Primary Substitute Sign up Sheet, the teachers, leaders, and Primary Presidency can be prepared to find willing volunteers, even if the need arrives right before class time!

Take the time upfront to prepare and seek out willing volunteers so you have this resource to turn to when you’re struggling to fill a need!

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Primary Helpers Sign-up Sheet Printable

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Primary Substitute Sign up Sheet

This simple sign-up sheet asks for volunteers to include their:

  • Name
  • Phone Number

The sign-up includes Primary Substitute requests for the following needs:

  • Nursery
  • Primary Teacher
  • Sit in Singing Time
  • Pianist
  • Music Leader
Primary Volunteers Sign-Up Sheet

It also breaks down their availability by weeks so you can save time asking the right volunteers that don’t already have commitments during the church block.

  • Available Sunday School Weeks
  • Available YM / YW / Priesthood / Relief Society Weeks

Each sheet has space for 15 volunteers and simple checkboxes to make it a cinch to sign-up and volunteer for only the needs the individually may be interested in helping with.

Primary Substitutes Sign up Sheet Printable

I recommend passing around the Primary Substitutes Sign-up sheet during the Sunday School week as all of the non-Primary adults are gathered together. You’ll likely want to print at least 2 forms.

Primary Helpers Sign Up Sheet Printable

We have our Sunday School groups broken up into two separate rooms, simply because of the attendance size and room capacity. We sent one sign-up in the small class and 2 in the larger class.

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Editable Google Doc Primary Substitutes Sign up Sheet

After you’ve passed around the sign-up sheet during church, you can add in the names and contact info on a Google Doc spreadsheet!

Printable Primary Substitute Sign up Sheet Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders primary subs google doc

Then the presidency can easily keep the list up-to-date and add/remove people, as needed. You can send a link to the spreadsheet to all the teachers and leaders so they can easily access the list to find their own subs, too!

I’m sharing my version of the Primary Substitutes Sign up Sheet Google Doc. In order to use this file, you’ll need to make a copy of it to be able to edit the document and then share it with only those in your ward for confidentiality.

I will NOT be able to share the linked filed. If you were to edit that original file, everyone would have access to your personal information!! By making a copy of the file you can edit it and make it completely your own and I will not have access to your copied version! Don’t request access — I’m not able to provide edit access to this main version!!

How to make your own copy of this Google Doc:

  1. Click “File” from the Menu.
  2. Select “Make a Copy.”
  3. Name your new, unique copy whatever you’d like.
  4. Make any adjustments needed to the Google doc sign-up sheet to meet your ward’s needs.
  5. Adjust the sharing settings by clicking the button in the top right corner. You can make it open to view/edit for anyone with the link and share your unique link to your ward.

Is there anything you’d change or add to this Primary Substitutes Sign-up Sheet?

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