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Most of the lesson plans and activities you’ll find on are completely free! Some of the special products I’ve created that took a lot of time and effort are only available here in my digital store.

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Digital Products for Sale

BUNDLE: Dance Scarves, Rhythm Sticks, Egg Shakers,
and Ribbon Wand Cards *4 Product Set*

Bundle Action and Movement Cards Set on PrimarySinging
Includes all 4 of our movement card sets!

Dance Scarves Movement Cards

Dance Scarves Movement Cards
Both large and 1/4 sheet movement cards for using Dance Scarves!

Rhythm Sticks Pattern Cards Printable Rhythm Sticks Pattern Cards
Both large and 1/4 sheet pattern cards for using Rhythm Sticks!

Ribbon Wand Action Cards

Both large and 1/4 sheet action cards for using Ribbon Wands!

Egg Shaker Beat Rhythm Cards

Both large and 1/4 sheet beat rhythm cards for using Egg Shakers!

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