Seek the Lord Early Musical Number

I’m excited to teach Seek the Lord Early this year in primary! To invite the spirit into singing time, invite a musician to play in primary for this Seek the Lord Early Musical Number intro activity.

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Seek the Lord Early Musical Number Easy ideas for Music Leaders Seek Lord Early Musical Number

There are so many ways to introduce a new song in primary. From pictures to guest speakers, you can capture the attention of your primary children as you prepare to teach them a new song.

A musical number can be a great way to introduce a new song because children have the opportunity to sit back and hear the entire song. This can give them the ‘bigger picture’ as they begin to learn the song.

Now, don’t let ‘musical number’ scare you away from this activity. You don’t need a choir of 30 singers to create a beautiful musical number. Think about the members of your ward. Is there someone who loves to sing? Is there someone who plays an instrument?

Reaching out to ward members ahead of time can be a great way to start preparing for this activity.

Seek the Lord Early Musical Number

For this activity, there’s really not much prep you need to do aside from getting volunteers to perform a musical number in primary. Start by deciding what kind of musical number you want. Here are some ideas for musical numbers you might choose. Keep in mind this is not an all-inclusive list.

  • Piano Solo
  • Vocal Solo
  • Small Choir (2-5 people)
  • Violin & piano duet
  • String solo or duet
  • Guitar solo

Hopefully this list gives you an idea of just how many possibilities there are. Ask around in your ward and see who might be willing to share their musical talents in primary.

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It can also be a bit tricky to find an arrangement for your performers. A good starting point might be to ask your performers if they already have an arrangement of Seek the Lord Early (lyrics here).

I have also spent some time searching for some simple arrangements that you could use for musical number. Again, there are lots of resources online for musical numbers, so take a look around!

1. Seek the Lord Early – Children’s Songbook

It might be easily overlooked, but the Children’s Songbook version of Seek the Lord Early can make for a great musical number. You could use this arrangement as a vocal solo or small group number.

2. Seek the Lord Early – Flute/Piano Musical Number

This arrangement is beautiful! Joanne Bushman Doxey’s Seek the Lord Early is an arrangement for two flutes and a piano, but can be adapted if you only have one flute player in your ward. This arrangement does come with a small $3.99 fee.

3. Seek the Lord Early – Friend Simplified Piano

This version of Seek the Lord Early comes from the 2014 edition of the Friend and was composed by Joanne Bushman Doxey. This version is a great option if you have a primary child who is learning to play the piano.

During primary, invite the children to listen reverently as your guest performer performs their musical number. To help keep kids reverent, you might choose to have them follow along with a set of lyrics or complete a coloring page or quiet puzzle.

Seek the Lord Early Musical Number Easy ideas for Music Leaders IMG 6550

Activity Instructions:

  1. Ask a member of your ward who plays an instrument if they would be willing to perform a short musical number in primary. Allow them a few weeks to practice and prepare.
  2. Begin singing time by telling the children that you will start learning a new song in primary.
  3. Invite your guest performer(s) to perform their musical number. You might invite children to listen closely to the words or how they feel as they listen.
  4. While your guest is performing, encourage children to sit and listen reverently.
  5. After the musical number is finished, begin teaching the words to the first verse with this Seek the Lord Early flipchart!
Seek the Lord Early Musical Number Easy ideas for Music Leaders IMG 6548 e1653496608485

Extension Ideas:

  • If your performer is willing, invite them to play along as the children learn the words. If they are playing an instrument like a flute, clarinet, or violin, they might like to play the song with you for the primary program!
  • If you have lots of squirmy children in your primary, you might invite them to complete this primary maze while they listen quietly.
  • For your older primary children, you might choose to pass out copies of the lyrics for children to follow along.
  • After the performer finishes their musical number, open a discussion about the importance of seeking the Lord. You might choose about studying the scriptures, prayer, or going to the temple.

When you’re ready to review Seek the Lord Early, check out this Seek the Lord Early Dot-to-Dot activity!

Seek the Lord Early Dot to Dot Singing Time ideas

Who will you choose to perform a musical number in your primary?

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