Would You Rather Questions for Kids Primary Review Game!

Our Would you Rather Questions for Kids included below is a really fun game that gets all the kids involved! It’s a great way to sing a song (or mix of songs) over and over again with lots of repetition!

This review game can be played to review ANY Primary song! It also coordinates perfectly with our Would Dad Rather and Would Mom Rather cards (coming soon!), so you can mix and match and add additional cards to the game!

Try this fun Would You Rather Questions for Kids Game in Singing Time with 8 printable question cards and ideas for LDS Primary music leaders to teach songs.

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Singing Time Review Game

*Downloads are available at the bottom of the post following the lesson plan directions included within this post.*


  • Print out the Would You Rather Cards on thick cardstock paper.
  • You can select to print on both sides of the page (flipping on the long edge) pages 2-3. This will give you cards with a back design!
  • If you have alignment issues, print the front then load that paper into your printer and print the backs!
  • Cut them out, and laminate to preserve them for later!
Would You Rather Printable Lesson Plan

How to Play Would You Rather Game

Have a child come up and select one of the Would You Rather Questions for Kids printable Cards. Let them read it out loud. They’ll think to themselves which one they would rather choose/do.

Have the children that pick option 1 sing the verse, and children that pick option 2 sing the chorus.

Repeat by picking a new volunteer, the next Would You Rather card, and sing through the song again!

Extension / Alternative Activities:

  • Add
    in our Mom cards and Dad cards to add even more fun variety to the mix!
  • Alternate
    songs and have a volunteer pick one of your Primary Program songs for each
  • Other
    Ways to Mix and Match Singing:
    • Have
      Option 1 sing the 1st verse, while Option 2 sings the 2nd
    • Alternate
      singing every other line
    • Have
      any children that MATCH the volunteer’s selection sing, everyone else whisper
    • Take
      turns singing – who sang it “best” (most enthusiastic, loudest, cheerful, etc)?

Would You Rather Printable Questions Game for Kids

Would You Rather Questions:

  • Ride a Bike or Scooter
  • Study Math or Science
  • Go to the Movies or Play Mini Golf
  • Play on Swings or Slides
  • Eat Waffles or French Toast
  • Go to the Park or Swimming Pool
  • Visit a Zoo or Aquarium
  • Eat Sour Candy or Sweet Candy

Would You Rather Printable Lesson Plan

This printable Would You Rather lesson plan includes all the how to play, extension ideas, and the how to print instructions to make it so easy to implement! It also includes 8 Kid-focused Would You Rather question cards!

Printable Would You Rather Questions and Game

Just print out the cards, cut them out, and you’re ready to play! I love using a laminator for projects like this! It’s a quick and easy step, but it preserves these so I can use them again in a pinch when I need an easy lesson!

I use these inexpensive laminating pouches and they’ve worked great for me! They’re thinner which is totally fine, the goal is just to protect the pages for later!

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Primary Review Game! Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders INSTANT Primary Singing Extended Printables

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Penny, Penny Who has the Penny game and activity for singing time - Primary Music Leaders song helps and printables, lesson plan to sing through your song of choice.

What other fun Would You Rather Questions for Kids could you ask?

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