Baptism Flip Chart & Lyrics

Teach this fun Baptism song (archives) in Primary with this printable flip charts for Primary. This is a great song to teach about the history of baptism and its importance!

Grab this Baptism flip chart to teach this great song to include as part of your New Testament Primary Songs list! It’s only on the 4-year Come Follow Me Primary Song Rotation that year, and it’s a sweet baptism song, so a wonderful one to include!

Colored keywords Baptism flipchart and lyrics

Baptism Song Lyrics

Baptism song can be found in the Children’s Songbook Page #100.
You can find the Baptism sheet music here.

Verse 1:
Jesus came to John the Baptist,
In Judea long ago,
And was baptized by immersion
In the River Jordan’s flow.

Baptism Flip Chart for LDS Primary Singing Time choristers / music leaders

Verse 2:
“To fulfill the law,” said Jesus,
When the Baptist questioned why,
“And to enter with my Father
In the kingdom up on high.”

Verse 3:
Now we know that we must also
Witness faith in Jesus’ word,
Be baptized to show obedience,
As was Jesus Christ our Lord.

“Baptism” by Mabel Jones Gabbott © 1969 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by permission.

20 Baptism Singing Time ideas and Lesson plans for the Primary Baptism Song - A helpful resource for LDS Primary Music Leaders and home study of Come, Follow Me with printable song helps and hands-on activities for teaching Baptism song!

We’ve shared a bunch of Singing Time Ideas for Baptism Song here that will help you get started in teaching and reviewing this fun Primary song with your kids!

Baptism Flip Chart

I’ve created a bunch of different styles of flip charts below that you’ll be able to use during Singing Time, with whatever style works best for your needs. You’ll be able to find several free printable flip charts at the bottom of this post!

3 different styles of Baptism flip chart color, fill in the keywords, and black and white

The Baptism song comes up a lot in the Primary Song Rotations lists! It’s great to have a couple of baptism songs ready for your soon-to-be-baptized Primary children!

I try to include at least one Primary baptism song in each year’s singing time, when possible! It just helps those about to turn 8 feel extra special and really start to connect with the song and its meaning as they approach their baptism!

Baptism Flip Chart & Lyrics Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Flip Chart6

There are so many fun ideas like a Baptism Rebus and a darling Baptism Finger Drawing activity. Or, you can get the kids up and moving with the fun body rhythm pattern that’s easy to learn but fun to repeat!

Baptism Art Flip Chart

Baptism flip chart all 3 verses colorful

You’ll fall in love this beautiful Baptism art flip chart option! It includes a ton of different formatting options to fit whatever style you need. With both portrait and landscape options and a fun colorful keywords, colored images with black keywords, and a black and white color-in option. I also have the graphics with word blanks so you can add just specific keywords or use them for a fun and unique activity!

Pick up your copy of this custom art Baptism Flip Chart in my shop here. It is also available in my Etsy shop here.

Baptism Flip Chart LDS Primary Song visual aids PDF printable and slideshow options for singing time Primary music leaders!

Baptism Singing Time Flip Chart

My Baptism Flip Chart is just 3 pages – one page for each of the 3 verse. You can print all 3 and create a easy to flip booklet flip chart with this hack, or just print out the verse you’ll be teaching. Put them into a sheet protector to keep them clean and ready to reuse.

baptism flip chart for Primary singing time

This song has a lot of tricky words the kids won’t be used to, so it’s really helpful to have the words available for them (and the teachers so they sing along).

Baptism flipchart for LDS Primary Singing Time

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Baptism Primary Program Flip Chart

Sometimes, you just need an extra simple flip chart – no colors, pictures or anything else to eat up ink! We often use this version to put in a flip chart binder over a podium (see here!)

This Baptism Program Flip Chart is also really great for using during your Primary Program presentation, as it’s a distraction free version for any songs that need a little support.

Baptism Color-In Flip Chart

Here’s another really fun version – try coloring in your own flip chart to save your printer but still have color and meaningful pictures!

Black and white Baptism flip chart coloring page

Baptism Slideshow Flip Chart

You can also grab our new slideshow version perfect for those with a TV in the Primary room! Just cast the Baptism Flip Chart slides up onto the TV or Projector with your phone or computer and you’ll have the words there without having to mess with a bunch of pages!

See all Baptism Singing Time Ideas here!

8 Singing Time Lesson plans for the Primary Song Baptism - A helpful resource for LDS Primary Music Leaders and home study of Come, Follow Me.

Which version of the Baptism flip chart do you like best?

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