Come, Follow Me: 4 Year Primary Song Rotation

Do you remember the snazzy 5-year Primary Song rotation list from the old Primary Programs? Each year had a cute theme like “I Know the Scriptures Are True” with songs to coordinate? Well, I loved that as a resource. I actually made a cute colorful one that’s still available to my email subscribers in the download section!

So, in the same manner, I was excited that we finally have the Old Testament songs and I could share a chart of the overlap of songs and the whole list of Primary songs suggested across the 4 years. To help you better prepare and pick your songs, it might be helpful to have these two different printable charts with the Primary Songs listed by year and all together by alphabetical song list.

I used these two charts to help create a Suggested 4-Year Rotation! This gives you a wide variety of songs with no repeats across 4 years and including all the main songs! It took a bunch of tinkering to get it just right!

Primary Song List – Alphabetical

The first spreadsheet I created was an alphabetical list of all the songs suggested for the monthly singing time guides for each of the 4 years of the Come, Follow Me manuals.

This spreadsheet simply lists every song mentioned and then utilizes an “X” in the column for which program year it is suggested for. Many of the songs are suggested for more than one year so it is really helpful to quickly see at a glance which songs only appear in one year and conversely which songs are suggested every year or most years!

With this extra reference at your fingertips, you’ll be able to better plan your year ahead which which songs to pick, keep up a variety, and utilize some of the songs maybe as wiggle songs or review songs!

You may notice sometimes there is an “XX” for a song in one of the columns. This indicates that it is suggested as a song in more than one month in the same year. For example, Follow the Prophet is listed as a suggested song for the Book of Mormon year in the months June and August. Follow the Prophet is also listed for February and November! The double XX indicates that this song shows up as a possible song choice in more than one month in both those years!

Download the Alphabetical
Primary Song List

You can download the PDF copy of the Alphabetical List of Primary Songs with the 4-Years of CFM marked here! This file is for your own personal, non-commercial use. It is my copyrighted work and cannot be shared or distributed! If you want to share this file – send your friends the link to this post!

Primary Song List – By Year

After my alphabetical list, I knew I wanted to work out a matrix-style post that was focused on the songs on a by-year basis. This was a lot more work and time pouring over the lists and entering all the data, but for this spreadsheet gal, I had a lot of fun making this!

For this spreadsheet, you’ll be able to look at the particular year you are planning songs for. For example, if you are planning for the Old Testament year, you can look that specific page and you will see the songs suggested for each month as well as what other years they are suggested (if applicable). This can help you remember if you taught the song in the last year or two or if it’s coming up again next year to help you best plan which songs might be best for your Primary!

It is also wonderful as a useful reference guide to quickly see all the songs, page numbers, and have a fun and colorful way to see all the years at a glance!

I did take that idea one-step further in the Suggested 4-Year Rotation post I mentioned earlier. I highly recommend grabbing that printable, too. It can help you make your own 4-year plan or start with mine and make a few modifications to fit your preferences!

Download the By Year
Primary Song List

Once again, this file is for your own personal, non-commercial use. It is my copyrighted work and cannot be shared or distributed! If you want to share this file – send your friends the link to this post! Grab the printable Come Follow Me Song List by Year PDF here!

I hope you are finding these printables helpful in planning your singing time lessons! Pop over here to see how I quickly and easily plan a year of singing time lessons up front in an hour or two! Or visit my singing time binder post to see how I get and organized!!

What other spreadsheets would help you with your singing time planning? Let me know in the comments and it might just be the next post!

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