6 Singing Time Ideas for In My Father’s Hands

We have been having so much fun singing In My Father’s Hands during our Primary Singing Time this year. It’s my song pick for Father’s Day and it’s been so well received by the kids, they’ve loved the song! It’s …

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In My Father’s Hands – Dance Scarves

For a fun way to review In My Father’s Hands, you could act out the song with dance scarves! This is just one of the fun ways we’ve introduce for teaching In My Father’s Hands. My Primary kids have really …

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In My Father’s Hands – Action Hands

In My Father's Hands - Action Hands

My Primary always really likes doing action symbols with their hands. It’s an easy way to get everyone involved, let them move a bit, and help them remember the words! A win-win-win! Here’s the simple hand actions for In My …

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In My Father’s Hands – Picture Word Match

For younger Primary groups or combined primaries, this picture based game will be fun for all ages! In My Father’s Hands Picture Word Match combines a little bit of a traditional match game with a different approach, to add more …

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I See a Hero – Flip Chart

I See a Hero - Flip Chart

I’ve already picked out my Father’s Day song for this year (In My Father’s Hands) but I really liked this song, too, and thought I’d make up a flip chart for those who are teaching I See a Hero this …

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In My Father’s Hands – Echo Singing

In My Father's Hands Echo Singing

One really easy, no-prep way to teach the words of a song for the very first time is with Echo Singing! You can also use this method if the children need a review of the words to make sure they …

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In My Father’s Hands – Flip Chart

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day song that’s new and different, look no further! Or, maybe you’ve already found this song and love it as much as I do. Either way, today I’m sharing a …

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In My Father’s Hands – Hand Pictures

In My Father's Hands -- Hand Keyword Pictures

I’m loving the new Father’s Day song In My Father’s Hands by Blake Gillette. If you haven’t heard it yet, go over and grab the mp3 and piano sheet music on his homepage! The sheet music was free as of …

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