Come, Follow Me: Suggested 4-Year Rotation Song Selections

Picking songs can be quite a feat! You pour over the lists of all of the monthly songs and your hand jotted notes of what songs they kids have already learned and try to piece it all together and come up with a plan.

Suggested 4-Year Rotation
of Primary Songs
for Come, Follow Me

To help simplify the process, I poured over my two different Come, Follow Me Printable Primary Song Rotation Lists and came up with what made the most sense to me for each of the songs. I picked one song per month for each of the 4 years with NO overlap in the songs. This way, I would be able to teach 40+ songs after 4 years, and then repeat those again to help the kids remember the songs anew.

This is just a framework that I created to help simplify my process for picking songs. It should be used as a guidepost only to help you in planning and preparing your song lists each year. Of course, use the Spirit as your guide to help fine tune and make any needed adjustments to pick the right songs for your Primary!

Along with the rotation of song selections, I use the other songs from the monthly list as wiggle songs, where there are songs that are a perfect fit for that! It’s a great way to add in even more of the songs in the year, and you can see how I did that with my singing time outlines, here, for an example!

Primary Song Selection Chart Key:

  • Month: You’ll notice the first column is the Month. This is the specific month the song was selected from. However, I mix and match my songs throughout the year prior to the program.

    This isn’t necessarily the month we will work on this song. This post on how I plan my songs for the whole year can help explain this concept! Plus, also see an example singing time for how I add a few short activities each week!
  • Song Title & Hymn Number: This lists the song name and where to find it in the next two columns. If there is a “-” dash symbol, that means it is not available in the Children’s Songbook or Hymn book. It may be available on under the additional Primary songs or may be available for purchase for a nominal fee.

    The letter “H” used before a number is there to represent that song would be found in the Hymnal. All other numbers are specifically referencing the page number within the Children’s Songbook.

    Finally, if there was not a specific Christmas or Easter song, I have added a recommendation that suited my needs. Of course, you can adjust your song selections to fit your ward.
  • Letter: The final column has a single letter next to some, but not all, of the songs. The letters correspond with song selections to use during the Primary Program (P), Easter (E), and Christmas (C).

    Your Primary may or may not be asked to sing for these 3 occasions throughout the year, but it’s a good idea to have something in mind in case you are asked! From my experience, the ward music leader or Bishopric tend to only give a couple of weeks notice.

New Testament Primary Song List

Jan Come, Follow Me – Hymn
*8 Singing Time Ideas for Come, Follow Me
H-116 P
Feb Baptism
*8 Singing Time Ideas for Baptism
100 P
Mar I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus 78 P
Apr Gethsemane P
May I Am a Child of God 2  
Jun Did Jesus Really Live Again? 64 E
July I’ll Walk With You 140  
Aug I Will Follow God’s Plan 164 P
Sept I Know That My Redeemer Lives H-136 P
Oct The Church of Jesus Christ 77  
Nov Search, Ponder and Pray 109 P
Dec Choose the Right Way 160 P
  (Consider: Stars Were Gleaming) 37
(Consider: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus)
*9 Singing Time Ideas for Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
57 P
(Consider If the Savior Stood Beside Me)
*7 Singing Time Ideas for If the Savior Stood Beside Me
(Consider Love Is Spoken Here)P

Book of Mormon Primary Song List

Jan The Iron Rod H-274 P
Feb Nephi’s Courage 120 P
Mar Dare to Do Right 158 P
Apr Easter Hosanna 68 E
May Testimony H-137 P
Jun We’ll Bring the World His Truth
*8 Singing Time Ideas for We’ll Bring the World His Truth
172 P
July Faith 96 P
Aug Follow the Prophet 110  
Sept Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus 36 C
Oct Reverently, Quietly 26  
Nov Stand for the Right 159 P
Dec I Will Be What I Believe P

Doctrine & Covenants Primary Song List

Joseph Smith’s First Prayer
*Or Praise to the Man, Hymn 27
H-26 P
The Priesthood Is Restored 89 P
When I Am Baptized
*8 Singing Time Ideas for When I Am Baptized
I Want to Be a Missionary Now 168  
When He Comes Again 82 P
Reverence is Love 31  
I Feel My Savior’s Love 74 P
The Holy Ghost
*8 Singing Time Ideas for The Holy Ghost
105 P
I Will Be Valiant 162 P
The Spirit of God H-2 P
Families Can Be Together Forever 188 P
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing** H-209 C
(**Or Consider: Picture a Christmas) 50 C
(Consider: On a Golden Springtime) 88 E
(Consider An Angel Came to Joseph Smith)
*7 Singing Time Ideas for An Angel Came to Joseph Smith

Old Testament Primary Song List

Jan I Know My Father Lives 5 P
Feb Choose the Right H-239 P
Mar Love One Another 136  
Apr Keep the Commandments 146 P
May Seek the Lord Early (Dec List) 108 P
Jun A Child’s Prayer 12 P
July I Love to See the Temple 95  
Aug Teach Me to Walk in the Light 177 P
Sept I Will Walk with Jesus P
Oct I Hope They Call Me on a Mission 169  
Nov We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet H-19 P
Dec Away in a Manger 42 C
  He Sent His Son 34 E
(Consider My Heavenly Father Loves Me)
*7 Singing Time Ideas for My Heavenly Father Loves Me
228 P
(Consider Our Time to Shine)
*6 Singing Time Ideas for Our Time to Shine

Download the 4-Year
Primary Song Rotation
Suggested Song List

You are welcome to use this printable for your own planning and preparation as a resource. This printable shouldn’t take place of your own review of the annual song lists to determine what songs would be best for your Primary. It is simply another resource and starting point that may be helpful in planning for a 4-year span of time to keep variety in your song selections.

This printable is for personal and church (non-commercial) use. It cannot be distributed (shared with others). If you want to share this file with someone, just point them to the link to this post where they can download their own copy. This helps protect my copyright and ensure they have all the details and information available for using the printable! This work is copyrighted and cannot be recreated, modified, or shared outside of your own personal use.

I am sharing the PDF Suggested 4-Year Song Rotation in today’s post. But I will also be adding an editable Word version in the email subscribers bonus download area! Subscribe here to access that version, if you want to personalize the document!

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