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This month, I’ll be teaching Choose the Right in primary. If you’re looking for a great way to introduce this song in singing time, this Choose the Right Church Videos activity might be just the right lesson plan for you!

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I love to use manipulatives and movement in primary. However, sometimes I want to keep it simple and sweet. One way to do that is through a church video.

I have used videos a few times when introducing new primary songs. As children hear the music and view pictures of people following Christ, they are able to understand the message and spirit of the song.

Throughout the years, there have been some amazing church videos about choosing the right. For this activity, I’ll be sharing a church video that teaches children how to choose the right, even if they stand alone.

Choose the Right Church Videos

For this activity, I’ll be sharing a short church video in singing time that teaches about choosing the right. I’ll be using this video to introduce the song and help children understand the importance of following Jesus Christ.

To prepare for this activity, I have been exploring some of the inspirational messages on the church’s website. There are so many great videos that can bring the spirit into the room.

In this post, I have a list of 5 awesome videos to share for this activity! Here are my favorites:

Lessons I Learned as a Boy
by President Gordon B. Hinkley

I just love this sweet video! Gordon B. Hinkley narrates this story about an older boy and his brother who find a worn pair of shoes and a coat on the side of the road.

When faced with the option of hiding the old clothing and embarrassing the owner, the boys choose to leave a coin in the shoes for the owner to find. This video reminds us to choose kindness. It’s about 4 minutes long and a great option for this activity!

Dare to Stand Alone
by Thomas S. Monson

Here is another one of my favorite videos about choosing the right. I fondly remember watching this video several times as a child and teenager. This video is also about 4 minutes long and teaches an important message.

In this video, Thomas S. Monson narrates an experience he had while serving in the U.S. Navy. As the only member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in his unit, President Monson chooses to stand by his faith, even though he stands alone.

Spiritual Whirlwinds
with Elder Neil L. Andersen

This video is a little bit shorter than the other two – at 2:24 minutes. This video is narrated by Elder Neil L. Andersen and teaches the importance of remaining strong in the face of trials and “spiritual whirlwinds.”

I love this video because it reminds us that when life is challenging, we can still choose to follow Jesus Christ and stand strong.

“Choices” By Thomas S Monson

You’ll want to start this video at :55 seconds, the first minute is temple announcements. The kids will love this Choices video as it talks about Alice in Wonderland and a wonderful analogy of which way we should go.

How Can You Choose the Right?
by Shambray Buhler

This is SUCH a cute video! It has a variety of children, youth, and adults talking about ways they can choose the right. The kids always love seeing other kids and it can help them think about ways they can serve and love others or obey the commandments.

Any of these beautiful videos would be wonderful to include in your primary lesson, but follow the Holy Ghost to choose a video that will teach the children the message of this song.

Once you’ve chosen which video(s) you’ll be using, share these videos in primary. After watching the video, you might choose to engage in a brief conversation about how to choose the right. Then, begin teaching Choose the Right!

Activity Instructions:

  1. Choose an inspirational message from the church’s website. If you want to share two videos, choose shorter videos to keep children engaged.
  2. Before primary, make sure you have all the technology set up so that you don’t have to spend time fumbling with cords.
  3. At the beginning of singing time, share the video and invite the children to notice how they feel while watching the video.
  4. After the video, ask the children what the person in the video did to choose the right.
  5. Begin teaching the first verse and chorus of Choose the Right (flip chart here!)

Choose the Right Sing Along Video

Extension Ideas:

  • To review the song, use this sing-along music video to practice Choose the Right.
  • Plan to share a few church videos during singing time. In between each video, teach a few lines of the song.
  • While learning Choose the Right, ask children to share stories of times that they decided to choose the right.

For another fun way to review Choose the Right this month, try out this Choose the Right Eraser Pass activity!

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What inspirational videos will you choose to share for this activity?

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