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This month, I’ll be using this Choose the Right Code Words games to review Choose the Right in singing time! This fun word game is great for both Junior and Senior primary! Crack the code and have some fun!

I taught Choose the Right last year for the Come Follow Me Doctrine and Covenants year. My primary kiddos loved learning this song, so I’ll be reviewing it periodically throughout the year.

Whether you’re teaching this song for the first time or using it for a review, you will love this fun Choose the Right Code Words activity!

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Choose the Right Code Words Activity

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The idea for this activity is to create a simple code for your primary children to crack during primary. During primary, use the code to rearrange the words in each phrase. For this activity, I’ll be reversing the letters of each word to make each phrase appear backwards.

Here are some examples of coded phrases:

Thgir eht esoohc = Choose the Right

sediug tiripS yloH eht = The Holy Spirit guides

erofeb yaw eht kram modsiw tel = Let wisdom mark the way before

For more ideas on easy codes to create for kids, check out this 5 Secret Codes for Kids post. This post shares codes from simple ciphers to pigpen writing.

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Now that we have some fun codes, simply introduce the activity by showing a few of the coded phrases. Invite the children to work together to figure out the code. Once they identify the code, have them decode the rest of the phrases.

To help you prepare for this activity, I’ve created a printable that includes coded word strips. The word strips range from simple 3-word phrases to longer, more challenging phrases. Just print out the phrases and tape them up to the board.

How to Play:

  1. Create short coded word strips by writing each phrase backwards, with each word written in reverse order.
  2. At the beginning of primary, review the first verse of Choose the Right (flipchart here).
  3. After reviewing the lyrics, ask the primary children if they are up for a challenge.
  4. Choose 1-2 of the coded word strips and place them up on the board. While you sing, encourage the children to try and figure out the code.
  5. Once they identify the code correctly, place the rest of the codes on the board one at a time.
  6. Solve each code while reviewing the song!
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Adaptation for Junior Primary:

As you can see, this activity can quickly become challenging. Although I would recommend this activity for Senior primary, it can be adapted for Junior primary.

The printable included later in this post contains 3 levels of code words. I would recommend using the first level for Junior primary. Since most Junior primary kiddos do not know how to read yet, showing some pictures might help them decode the words.

Simply draw some symbols or figures to help Junior primary decode the words. For example, for “Choose the Right,” you might draw a CTR shield. For “In its light,” you could draw a lightbulb or a sun.

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Extension Ideas:

  • Instead of working as an entire primary to crack the code, give each class a set of code words. While you sing, invite each class to work together to figure out the code and solve the phrases.
  • After solving the code words, divide up the phrases between each class. Have each class sing only their phrases!
  • Put the code in order! Although this activity does not include every phrase of the song, put the decoded phrases in order from the beginning to end of the song. Use an expo marker to fill in missing phrases.
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For another fun and similar singing time idea, see our Primary Song Scramble review game! It’s an easy and fun way to sing through a variety of songs in a given week.

Choose the Right Code Words Printable Lesson Plan & Coded Phrases

I’ve created an easy-to-follow printable lesson plan to help you prep for this singing time activity. As always, the first page includes activity instructions and some extension ideas.

The next 3 pages of the printable include coded phrases to use for the activity. The pages are organized in 3 levels, from easiest to hardest. Start with Level 1 and see if you can work all the way to level 3!

Of course, this printable includes an answer key at the end! Use this key to check your answers as you play.

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How will you be reviewing Choose the Right this month?

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