Primary Flip Charts

I love flip charts! I think they’re super helpful to get teachers and kids to sing that otherwise might not. I don’t use flip charts for every song, every week, but I do use a flipchart for every song at least a few times while teaching and while reviewing songs.

What is a Flip Chart?

Flip Charts, in Primary, as are series of pages of the song lyrics, and often images, that help the children follow along while learning a new song. The name comes because music leaders have often held them up and flip from page to page as you sing through the song.

Because I think simplicity and ease is best – I aim all my flip charts to be as condensed as possible. That means, fewer pages to stumble through and try to flip along during the song, but that still present the words and a picture or two for interest. Hopefully, these flip charts will come in handy and useful for you.

Using Flip Charts in Primary

Flip charts can be a really helpful tool and while I don’t use flip charts every week, I do love to keep a flip chart on hand for each song because I use them in so many ways! For example, see this post on 10 Singing Time Ideas Using Flip Charts! This is a perfect way to come up with easy lesson plans for a substitute!

I have even come up with some nifty Tips & Tricks for Using Flip Charts in Primary even easier! Like writing the lyrics on the bag of the page so the music leader can easily follow along, not stumble over the words, and know right when to flip the page!

Plus, if you don’t find all the flip charts you need for the year here on my site, you can learn how I made them (and a couple fun ways I use flip charts) in this helpful post on How to Make & Use Flip Charts!

Primary Flip Charts Use Policies

This landing page is where you can find a direct link to all the flip charts I’ve made for my own personal use and have made available for download. These can be used for your own personal and church use.

The files themselves cannot be distributed, shared, modified, or copied. If you want to share this resource with other choristers – just direct them to this landing page where they can download their own copy for their own personal and church use.

2022 Old Testament
Singing Time Flip Charts

See also our 2022 Old Testament Primary Song List with activities! We have over 200 free printable Singing Time lesson plans available!

  • November:
    • Follow the Prophet
    • We Thank Thee, O God, for a Prophet – Hymn #19
    • I Want to Live the Gospel

Alphabetical List of Flip Charts

Find all your LDS Primary flipcharts for your upcoming singing time lessons here! Sorted in alphabetical order to help you quickly and easily find the flip charts you’ll need for your lesson plans!