Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt

If you are looking for a fun, creative way to introduce, or review Follow the Prophet this month, this Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt nature activity may just be the perfect idea for you!

In any treasure hunt, there is usually a map. The map gives you clues about where to go next and how to avoid danger. In the treasure hunt of life, prophets can be a guide for us as we avoid danger and seek out eternal treasure.

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Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt Singing Time Idea for LDS Primary Music Leaders

Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt

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I am so excited to try out this activity in my primary! The idea behind this activity is to create clues that will lead to a treasure. For this activity, I started by creating some footprints to place around the primary room. If it is warm enough in your area, you might even consider taking this activity outside!

Each of the footprints will lead to a hidden treasure that I’ve chosen. You can be as simple or as complex as you want for this! I have a few ideas here that you can use as your “treasure:

  • Homemade/store-bought cookies
  • Some cute CTR stickers (you can find these on amazon or at a Deseret Bookstore if you have one near your home).
  • Dollar Store Toys – I like to go to the party section and get some of the cheap toys they have there.
Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt Singing Time Idea for LDS Primary Music Leaders

On each footprint, I wrote a number corresponding with the order that they should be chosen. On the backside of the footprints, I wrote the name of a prophet. The idea is that all the primary children will choose one footprint at a time to learn about the prophets.

For example, you might ask them, “What do you know about the Prophet Noah?” This gives the kids an opportunity to share what they know and learn more about the prophets.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Print out a footprint for each prophet that you will teach (there are 9 verses in the primary children’s version, but I know some like to add/delete verses).
  2. On the front side of the footprint, write numbers 1-9 (or as many footprints as you have). On the back side of the footprint, write the name of a prophet.
  3. Hide a “treasure” at the end of the trail of footprints.
  4. At the beginning of primary, explain that you will be going on a treasure hunt in primary!
  5. Invite children to choose a footprint one at a time and read the name of the prophet. Ask the children what they know about that prophet. While the children are choosing footprints, have the pianist play “Follow the Prophet” in the background.
  6. When the children complete all the footprints and reach the treasure, explain that prophets can lead us to eternal treasures. Discuss how prophets can help guide us during our lives.
  7. Begin teaching Follow The Prophet using this flip chart!
Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt Singing Time Idea for LDS Primary Music Leaders

Outdoor Adaptation:

I think it would be so fun to bring this activity outdoors if possible! After getting permission, set the footprints on the sidewalk of your church building. Invite the children to come outside and use the footprints as clues to find the treasure!

If you decide to do this activty outdoors, the only thing you may have to change is the music. Instead of having the pianist play the song, you can use a portable speaker so that the children can familiarize themselves with the song as they search for the treasure!

Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt Singing Time Idea for LDS Primary Music Leaders

Extension Ideas:

  • If you have already started learning the song, use this activity as a review game! Choose one footprint each time you sing through a verse. On the back of the footprint, write a different way to sing the song (ex. act out your favorite animal). This post has lots of great ideas for this!
  • On the back of each footprint, write a clue about the treasure. Is it something you can eat? Is it something you can play with?
  • Have the children walk in a circle on the footprints while you sing the song. When you stop the music, pick a prophet and see who is standing on the footprint with that prophet (similar to a cake walk).
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Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt Printable Lesson Plan

This activity involves a little bit of prep, so I created this printable lesson plan to save you some time this week! The first page of the lesson plan contains instructions for how to play, as well as extension ideas.

The next few pages of the printable are footprints! Simply print out as many footprints as you need and write a number on the front side and the name of a prophet on the back! Easy peasy!

Follow the Prophet Treasure Hunt Easy ideas for Music Leaders IMG 6100 e1645738841846

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How will you be using this Treasure Hunt activity this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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